How To Connect JBL Speakers To Computer and laptop

If you have a JBL speaker you can connect it to your computer or laptop. When you have one or more JBL speakers, you don’t need to buy a separate speaker for your PC or laptop because JBL speakers sound excellent.

JBL has many different speakers but the most famous are JBL flip models like JBL Flip 4 and JBL flip 5.

These speakers have wired or wireless connectivity. JBL Flip 5 supports only wireless connectivity and there are no options for wired connection.

While JBL Flip 4 has Bluetooth as well as an AUX port for connecting to an audio source. If you have an Auxiliary cable, you can connect your JBL Flip 4 to computer or laptop.

How To Connect JBL Speakers To Computer and laptop

Now we discuss both the methods of how you can connect JBL speakers to a computer or laptop with or without Bluetooth.

Connecting JBL Speaker To Computer/Laptop With AUX

Aux Cable

Laptop and PC are almost similar things because they both use windows as their operating system.

If the same window is installed on both laptop and computer, they work almost in the same way with the same settings.

That is why the method of connecting JBL speakers to a computer or laptop is the same. It varies how you want to connect i.e using Bluetooth, AUX, or USB Cable.

Every computer does not have Bluetooth connectivity built-in so you can use a wired connection to connect JBL speaker.

We suppose that we have a JBL Flip 4 speaker. Any other JBL speaker with the same connectivity options can be connected using this method.

Follow the steps below to connect your JBL speaker to your Laptop or Computer VIA AUX cable.

#1 Get AUX Cable

Get an AUX cable also known as 3.5mm jack cable. This cable has a 3.5mm jack on both ends.

#2 Lift Slot Cover

On the back of your JBL speaker, lift the slot cover. Here you will find AUX and USB connecting slots.

#3 Plug AUX Cable

Connect one end of the AUX cable into the 3.5mm port on your JBL speaker. And then connect the other end of AUX cable into the same audio output port on your computer or laptop.

3.5mm ports on your computer are of two types i.e microphone and headphone. You need to plug it in one having an icon of headphone. It will not work in the microphone slot.

#4 Turn ON JBL Speaker

Turn ON your JBL Flip 4 speaker if it is not turned ON already. A blue light will be visible behind the power button indicating that the speaker has turned ON.

#5 Go To Sound Menu of Windows

Go to the Start Menu in the left bottom corner of your windows and type “Sound”. A sound tab will appear on the top. Just click on it.

It will open a sound dialogue box where you will see a list of all your playback devices.

#6 Select Your JBL Speaker

In the sound dialogue box, you will also see your JBL Flip 4 speaker. Left-click on it and from the context menu click on “Connect”.

If the green checkmark appears on your JBL Flip 4, it means that your speaker is connected.

#7 Play Audio From PC/Laptop

Play any audio from your computer and see if it plays through your JBL speaker. If not, repeat the steps and check if you made a mistake.

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Connecting JBL Speaker To Computer/Laptop With Bluetooth


Bluetooth is the best and loved method of connecting your speakers to a laptop or PC. You don’t need to handle any wire and you can place the speaker easily at your desired place.

But for this connectivity, your computer/laptop and the speaker should support Bluetooth connectivity.

Laptops have built-in Bluetooth but most computers lack this feature while some have it.

If you have a computer with no Bluetooth built-in, you can either use wired connection as described above or buy a Bluetooth adapter for your PC.

With a Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to connect your JBL speaker to your Computer or Laptop with USB port on your system and a Bluetooth connection from your speaker.

We suppose that your PC/Laptop has Bluetooth and we have a JBL Flip 5 speaker that supports Bluetooth connectivity only.

You can also use JBL Flip 4 in this method as it also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

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Follow the steps below to connect any of your Bluetooth JBL speaker to your Computer or Laptop.

#1 Go To Windows Settings

In the left bottom corner of your computer/laptop click on the start icon and then press settings. It will open a windows settings screen.

#2 Open Devices Menu

Now go to the Devices section and open the connected devices tab. Here you will see already connected devices like your mouse or keyboard.

You will also find the option “Add a device”. If Bluetooth is not enabled already, just enable it.

#3 Add Your Speaker

In the next step, click on Add a new device and press the Bluetooth button on your JBL speaker. It will make your JBL speaker enter into discovery mode.

The Blue light will blink behind the Bluetooth button of your JBL Flip 5 when it is in discovery mode.

Your JBL speaker will appear in the list of available devices. Select your speaker and connect it.

When your speaker is paired with your computer, it will show as connected on your computer screen. Moreover, the speaker will also give a little sound indicating the connection is established.

#4 See Your JBL Speaker in The List

Now when your JBL speaker is connected to your computer, it should show in the list of connected devices.

When you click done and return back to the devices section, you will see your JBL Flip 5 in the list.

#5 Play Audio From Your PC/Laptop

When your JBL speaker is connected to your computer or laptop, audio should play through your JBL speaker.

When you play audio and listen to it through your JBL speaker, you are connected to the JBL speaker and everything is done properly.

If you don’t hear the audio, check back your steps and see what you did wrong.

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FAQs About Connecting JBL Speakers To a Computer or Laptop

When connecting your JBL speakers to your computer or laptop some questions will blow up in your mind. So, we have tried to answer them in advance so don’t need to search for things again and again.

To which windows can I connect my JBL speakers?

No matter which windows is installed on your computer or laptop, you can connect JBL speakers.

In any window, you can connect JBL speakers with or without Bluetooth. If Bluetooth hardware is available on your computer/laptop, it will work regardless of the window you are using.

How can I connect my JBL speaker to PC with USB?

There is no direct connection using USB but if you have no AUX cable or you just want to use USB connection on your computer, buy a USB Dongle.

Using USB Dongle, you can plug it into the USB port of your computer and then connect the JBL speaker to it using Bluetooth connectivity.

Which connection is best; Wired or Bluetooth?

Both are great but also depend upon your choice. Bluetooth connection is loved by a lot of people because of wireless. There are no wires to take care and it makes placement more convenient.

The wired connection is more stable but you have wires to take care of. Once this connection is established, you don’t need to change anything after it and it will work as long as you disconnect it yourself. While Bluetooth connection may show you disconnecting over time and also if you go away from the range.

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Can I also connect JBL speakers other than Flip series to my PC or Laptop?

Yes, you can connect any JBL speaker whether it is Flip series or not. You just have to check if your desired connection type is available on both ends.

Hope you have learned to connect JBL speakers to computer or laptop with our guide. Let us know if you have any issues or queries.