How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone

If you have an iPhone plus JBL speakers, you can pair them to get better sound from JBL speakers rather than factory speakers of iPhone. No matter, you are using JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Extreme, or JBL Boombox speakers, the process of pairing any JBL speaker to an iPhone is almost the same.

Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone

Steps to connect any of the JBL speakers to iPhone.

Here is step by step instructions for pairing your JBL speakers to iPhone. Follow these steps and get your speaker paired instantly.

#1 Step

Power and Bluetooth Buttons on JBL Speakers

The first step is to turn ON your Bluetooth speaker and enable pairing mode. If your speaker was recently connected to any device, it will automatically connect to that particular device immediately after you turn it ON. In this case, you need to press and hold the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. If your speaker was not previously connected to any device, it will automatically be in pairing mode when turned ON. Pairing mode is indicated by a blinking light.

#2 Step

In the next step, go to the settings of your iPhone. Find and go to Bluetooth settings. Enable Bluetooth and go to other devices. Find your JBL speaker in the list and tap on it to connect. After clicking, your iPhone will get connected to JBL speaker.

#3 Step

Finally make sure if your iPhone is connected to the JBL speaker. Play anything from your iPhone and if the sound comes from JBL speaker, then your connection is completed. Enjoy.

If you are unable to connect after doing all these steps, there may be some problems with your JBL speaker and you may need to reset it. Learn how to reset JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker. If you have any other model, the process will be almost the same.

FAQs About Connecting JBL Speakers To iPhone

There are some questions that will arise when you face an issue connecting your iPhone to JBL speakers.

Why JBL speaker doesn’t show in devices’ list on my iPhone?

The main reason for this is that your JBL speaker has not yet entered pairing mode. First, you need to make sure if it is in pairing mode which is indicated by blinking light. You can reset the JBL speaker to solve pairing issue. Try turning OFF and then ON your iPhone Bluetooth.

Can I pair multiple JBL speakers together with same iPhone?

If all of your JBL speakers have “JBL Connect” feature, you can connect all of them together and play audio from single source, your iPhone. Learn more on how to connect multiple JBL speakers together.

It was all you need to know before you can connect JBL speakers to iPhone. We hope, this will resolve any problem if you face during connection.

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