Noor Alam

Noor Alam Founder & CEO

Noor Alam
Founder & CEO

Welcome to!

I’m Noor Alam– the Founder, CEO, and owner of Naturally, I am an Audiophile and love to play with all sorts of music devices. I have created this site to transmit my knowledge regarding music and audio devices. A lot of factors provided me with the motivation for creating this site. I feel eager to share my struggle and success story with you.

My Education

  • Bachelors in Sound Engineering
  • Postgraduation in IT and software engineering
  • Diplomas in computer technologies and hardware
  • Blogging and Content writing 
  • Website and WordPress development 

I got my bachelor’s degree in sound engineering from LUMS Pakistan. Currently, I am studying software engineering and IT. Further, I have done a few diploma courses in computer technologies and hardware.

In addition to acoustics, I am inclined toward the field of IT and software development. I aim to achieve more knowledge in both fields.

Honestly speaking, I cannot quit any of these fields and want to invent novel devices by integrating acoustics and software engineering together.

The Story Behind Creating Speakersmag.Com

I have a long-standing struggle story. My effort for creating my own blog started when I was a very young kid aged only 12 years. My teachers always distinguished me from other students as I had big dreams and was eager to do something different.

I used to investigate how blogging works, and how can I create and run my own blog. This enthusiasm drove me to explore the world of the internet, IT, blogging, and computer technologies.

Meanwhile, I would also disassemble small speakers, radios, and toys to understand how they work to produce various sounds. I had few opportunities as I belong to a city that lacks advanced facilities. But, this factor did not obstruct my way instead it motivated me further to outstand in the crowd.

I cannot explain the amount of effort I put in the previous 7 years. However, I want to tell you that I failed several times but did not lose my courage. Finally, after bearing the collapse of a lot of blogs, channels, and WordPress sites, I succeeded in creating

Because, I cannot live without sharing my knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Of course, I have earned this asset by investing my precious time and effort. Today, I am known as the most successful and the youngest Enterpernuer in my country.

Why Should You Trust My Reviews?

  • Due to my natural inclination toward audio devices
  • I am an audiophile
  • I worked in the audio industry with engineers
  • Created small sound-creating toys and devices
  • Have a practical understanding of the structure, functioning, and hardware of audio devices

As I mentioned, I feel eager to learn about machines, audio devices, their functioning, and structure. So, I would visit the small audio industries to learn about the manufacturing of various devices.

Sometimes, I would work with the engineers and would join the wires, parts, and other hardware components. Over time, I started doing practicals by applying the instructions given in my books. I created a lot of small toys producing amazing sounds.

So, I am an expert in handling musical instruments, speakers, microphones, headphones, tape recorders, and other audio devices. My academic education assisted me further in this regard. Hence, I can recognize the best machines and devices.

Therefore, I decided to share my experiences and knowledge with my audience. I not only provide you with product reviews but also the guides to fix and troubleshoot your malfunctioning devices.

My Message

Self-confidence and self-reliance is the key to success!

Therefore, learn to “Do it Yourself”, learn to choose the best audio devices, and also learn to troubleshoot, fix, and repair them at home.

Don’t compromise on your dreams!

Keep on trying until you achieve your goal!

Only cowards flee the midway!

It is hard to find honest people, but when they come your way, don’t hesitate to trust them!

My last message is to stay connected with Speakersmag, share your opinions, ask queries, give suggestions, grow with us, and help us develop our trust and image.