No Red Light and Hisense TV Won’t Turn ON-A Quick Guide

Hisense is one of the most popular TV brands. But, it is really irritating if your TV fails to turn ON and shows no red light. The first thought that comes to your mind is that it has expired.

However, this is not the case all the time. There can be other reasons why your Hisense television is not turning ON. For example, the bad power supply is one of the major causes.

While fixing various TV issues, I came to know the root causes behind each type of problem. We are going to troubleshoot your dead TV in this guide. Do not lose hope and try all the fixes explained here.

1. Change the Power Supply

The first thing you should do is to change the power supply. Plug your TV into a different electrical outlet. Make sure the outlet is working and delivering the current.

Moreover, connect the television directly to the wall electric outlet. Do not use extensions, power strips, dividers, etc.

Similarly, remove any power surge protector. Test the power supply board by connecting some other device to it.

No Red Light and Hisense TV Won't Turn ON

2. Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

Instead of the remote control, turn ON your TV by pressing the physical power button on the set. If still it does not work, try a soft reset. A simple power cycle can fix the issue. Here is how to do it:

  1. Unplug the power cord of your TV from the wall outlet.
  2. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Now, plug the power cable back into the outlet and press the power button.
  4. Repeat this process two or three times.
  5. If this does not work, add another step. Hold down the power button and meanwhile plug the power cord into the electrical outlet. This will force restart your TV.

3. Inspect the Peripheral Devices

Once it happened that my TV could not turn ON due to a gaming console. It had a serious software glitch that prevented the TV from coming ON normally.

I unplugged the console from my television and it started properly. You may be facing the same case.

I suggest you unplug all the external devices such as gaming consoles, soundbars/speakers, mics, streaming devices, cable boxes, etc.

It is better to disconnect the devices one by one so that you can identify the culprit device and troubleshoot it.

4. Replace the Power Cord

Another reason is that the power cable of your TV is faulty. It may be broken, exposed, cut, or twisted. Therefore, the current cannot reach the machine.

Hence, you should use a different power cable. But, be sure to connect a compatible one that has the same connectors as your Hisense cable.

5. Test the Hardware

While switching ON your Hisense TV, notice if the screen displays any graphics or logo for a fraction of a second.

If the answer is not, the mainboard, input, or some other hardware component is defective. Here is a simple test to carry out:

  1. Plug the power cord of your Hisense TV into a working outlet, meanwhile, focus on the light indicator.
  2. Push the cable as far as you can into the power port of your TV. But, do not exert too much pressure to damage the hardware.
  3. Twist the cable a little by applying mild pressure.
  4. Plug the cord in the port and then pull out, repeat this process a number of times.
  5. Keep observing if the red light appears or not.
  6. Likewise, turn OFF the lights in your room and observe the back vents of the TV if the lights are ON inside.
  7. If the light never comes ON, the hardware has failed, it can be the mainboard or power port.
  8. You can check the voltage using a multimeter.

6. Contact Hisense

If you diagnose a hardware faulty, you should contact Hisense customer support. Ask them for a repair or part replacement.

If your TV is under warranty period, you can claim a free repair or replacement. Only the manufacturer can repair it perfectly. Another option is to consult a local TV mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following frequently asked questions to get more information about your Hisense TV.

Why my Hisense TV is not turning ON and has no red light?

The most probable reason is the hardware failure. The mainboard or the T-con board of your TV has failed. Other minor reasons can include a defective power supply or a faulty power cord.

How to fix if my Hisense TV is stuck in standby mode?

When the TV is stuck in standby mode, it does not turn ON but the red light is solid. The best solution is to power cycle your Hisense television. Unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds, and plug it back again. Press the physical power button on the TV set to turn it ON.

Can a defective Hisense TV be repaired?

Hisense says that the TV is repairable. The company can repair or replace the defective parts. However, you should consider the cost of repairing if the device has exceeded the warranty. If the repair cost is too high, you should either purchase a new TV. The company promises to refund the original purchase price or replace the item if the warranty is applicable.

Is there a reset button on my Hisense TV?

Most Hisense models do not have a physical reset button. While some have it in the form of a tiny hole at the back panel. However, you can still reset the TV through settings, remote control, or the smartphone application. The factory reset option is available in the settings.

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Final Words

This guide has explained multiple solutions to fix your Hisense TV. No red light and TV is not turning ON indicates a power failure or hardware damage. By following all the guidelines in our article, you can diagnose the root cause of the problem. Then, troubleshoot accordingly. Feel free to contact us if you need further help.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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