Memona Aman

Memona Aman

Memona Aman
Editor & Writer

I am Memona Aman– the Editor and Author of Speakersmag. Basically, I’m an audiophile testing, trying, and playing with various audio devices. However, I have much more to tell you about myself. Hopefully, you will enjoy knowing about me.

My Education

  • Graduation in Physics
  • M.Phil in Acoustics
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Linguistics and English language
  • Content writing and creative writing courses
  • Certificate in Freelancing

I studied Physics as my major subject and specialized in Acoustics by obtaining an M. Phil degree. Further, I hold a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

I have the honor of studying at COMSATS University Islamabad- one of the best and leading universities of Pakistan.

Furthermore, I have done some courses in linguistics, content writing, and freelancing as I am inclined toward writing.

How I Gained Expertise?

  • Trial and error
  • By working with machines and devices
  • Applying bookish knowledge to actual situations
  • Helping others in fixing their audio devices

I focus on practical knowledge. Therefore, during my studies, I worked with every sort of machine. Specifically, I am fond of acoustics and audio devices. Hence, I learned the functioning, structure, and organization of speakers.

During my high school days, I used to fix small problems with audio devices at home. Then, I offered my free services to my neighbors and friends. Consequently, people started trusting me and they would bring their malfunctioning devices so that I can find the fault.

I seldom disappointed them in terms of fixing their devices such as a bad radio or TV speaker, headphones, earbuds, and speakers. Honestly speaking, I always tried to fix their devices and even replaced a part if necessary.

This practice became a source of pleasure for me. Sometimes, I could not repair the device but would diagnose the problem rightly thus saving the owners from overcharging mechanics and spending extra money.

My Professional Experience

  • Worked as assistant engineer
  • Serving as an Acoustic engineer at a radio station
  • Working as a professional writer and engineer with Speakersmag

It is a blessing to have your passion as a profession. After gaining expertise in repairing audio devices, I decided to opt for it as a profession. I selected Physics for my higher studies, this increased my eagerness to build a career in the field of Acoustics.

During my graduation, I worked as an assistant engineer in one of the leading acoustic industries in my country. This provided me with the opportunity to improve my expertise and to get experience in my field.

Now, I am working at the radio station as an Acoustic engineer. I am responsible to control and monitor the sound levels as well as maintaining the audio systems.

Why do I work With Speakersmag?

  • I have expertise and experience in the field of Acoustics
  • Hold a postgraduate degree in Acoustics
  • I am an Audiophile and love to share my knowledge
  • Skilled at content writing

Acknowledging my expertise, experience, education, and writing skills, Noor Alam, the owner of Speakersmag hired me to assist his audience. As I told you, I work with various audio devices.

So, I know how to troubleshoot and fix them if they pose an issue or start malfunctioning. Further, I can critically analyze an audio device in terms of its features and performance.

Therefore, I write product reviews and ‘How to’ guides for Speakersmag. My writing skills help me a lot in understanding the audience’s brain, demands, and reading level. My personal interest also played a great role in linking me with this site because I always want to share my knowledge with you people.

My Message

My motto is “Do It Yourself” and I advise you to develop this passion in yourself. It not only saves your time but also keeps you active and busy. It is really fun to work with various appliances and devices, resolve their problem, and get them back to work with your own hands.

Further, I wish every person could change his/her passion into a profession. I suggest you try hard to make your position in the field of your personal interest. This attitude provides your nation with the best professionals and workers.