How To Pair JBL Headphones: The Ultimate Guide

Last updated on May 22nd, 2022 at 12:40 pm

JBL headphones are available in different models. They can be differentiated on the basis of certain features like noise-canceling. Today we will show you how you can pair your JBL Headphones to iPhone, iPad, computer, tablet, laptop, TV, Apple Watch, Chromebook, and Macbook.

Almost all of the JBL headphones are wireless. They have Bluetooth technology to pair up with other devices. Some JBL headphones come with dual connectivity options.

How To Pair JBL Headphones

You can connect them with a device by using an aux cable. However, the preferred method is connecting the headphones wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Because this connection is flexible and convenient. In this article, we will tell you the complete methods of connecting your JBL headphones to various devices such as iPhones, iPad, computers, tablets, laptops, TV, Apple Watch, Chromebook, and MacBooks.

So, let us pair your JBL headphones to all these devices turn by turn.

How to Turn ON Pairing Mode on Your JBL Headphones

First, power on your JBL headphones by pressing the power button. The LED indicator will glow when the headphones are turned on.

Almost all the JBL headphones have a dedicated Bluetooth button. By pressing this button you can put your JBL headphone in pairing mode.

It has a LED indicator that blinks blue when the device is ready to pair. The LED light glows blue steadily when the device is paired.

If you have JBL Bluetooth earbuds, they may not have a dedicated Bluetooth button. But, they have another button present between the volume up and volume down buttons.

Press and hold this button for a few seconds to put your JBL headphones in pairing mode. The pairing method is the same while connecting to any Bluetooth device.

However, the pairing method is different for various devices to which you want to connect your JBL headphones.

1. Pair JBL Headphones to iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

You can pair your JBL headphones very easily to an iPhone or iPad. The headphones should be within 33 feet range to pair up properly with iPhone or iPad.

Both these devices work in the same way and have similar menus. So, you can pair your JBL headphones to iPhone or iPad by following the method given below;

First of all, turn your JBL headphones on by pressing the power button roughly for 2 seconds. The LED light next to the power button will start blinking blue.

If it does not then force start your JBL headphones. Press the button present between the volume up and down buttons. Release it when the LED indicator blinks blue.

So, by turning on your JBL headphones using these two methods, you can enable Bluetooth pairing on them.

  1. Now, open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad. Go to Bluetooth settings.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth ON and scan the available devices.
  3. Your JBL headphone will be visible in the list showing their model number. Simply, tap on the name of your JBL headphones.
  4. Next, enter the passcode of your JBL headphones, either it is “0000” or written in the user manual.
  5. It will take a few seconds and you will see “Connected” on your iPhone or iPad screen.
  6. Your JBL headphones have been paired with your iPhone or iPad. Now, you can make calls through your JBL headphones.
  7. If you want to play iPhone or iPad music on the JBL headphones then do another step.
  8. Tap the Airplay icon on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. It will launch the music app. Click any song and it will play through your JBL Bluetooth headphones.

When you turn off your JBL headphones, they will disconnect. You do not need to repeat the pairing process each time.

Because both devices remember each other and the headphones pair automatically to your iPhone while it is powered on.

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2. Pair JBL Headphones to A Tablet

You can pair your JBL headphones wirelessly to your tablet. Follow the steps given below;

  1. Put your JBL headphones in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  2. On your tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  3. You will see the Bluetooth icon. Turn the Bluetooth on.
  4. Long press the Bluetooth button to show the list of paired devices.
  5. Your JBL headphones will appear on the list of devices. Tap it and after some time it will show the “Connected” message.
  6. Now, you can play the audio files of your tablet on the headphones.

3. Pair JBL Headphones to A Laptop

Pairing the JBL headphones with a laptop is different than pairing them with an iPhone. All the laptops have Bluetooth technology. So, the headphones can be paired up wirelessly. The process is not too complex.

Just follow the instructions given below to pair your JBL headphones with your laptop.

  1. On your Windows laptop, click the Windows icon on the left bottom of the screen. You will see the ‘Settings’ tab, click it.
  2. Next, select the ‘Devices’ settings. It will show you a number of options. Choose the “Bluetooth & other devices” option.
  3. Turn the Bluetooth on, the button will turn blue.
  4. Next, tap the ‘+’ symbol on the top saying “Add a Bluetooth or other device”.
  5. It will show you 3 or more options, click on “Bluetooth”.
  6. Now, turn your JBL headphones on by pressing the power button. Next, press the Bluetooth button to start pairing. The headphones are now discoverable.
  7. Your laptop is already in pairing mode. It will discover your JBL headphones. Click on the right model number in the list visible on your laptop screen.
  8. The pairing process will begin and after a while, you will see “Connected” on the laptop screen. Tap the “Done” option to complete the process.

You do not need to pair the JBL headphones every time. As long as Bluetooth is enabled on the laptop and the headphones are within range, they will connect automatically with your laptop.

4. Pair JBL Headphones to A Computer

Most desktop computers have Bluetooth connectivity options. You can connect such a computer to your JBL headphones in a similar way as you connected it to the laptop.

But, some older computers do not have a built-in functional Bluetooth. But, still, you can pair your JBL headphones with such a computer.

Let us know how to pair your JBL headphones to the computer wirelessly.

Take a Bluetooth adapter. It is a small plug which you can connect to your computer.

It is recommended to use a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter for stable pairing and good sound quality.

However, Bluetooth 4.0 adapter can also be used for this purpose. But, always buy a quality adapter instead of a cheap one.

  1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your computer.
  2. The computer will recognize the device automatically. You will see the Bluetooth icon on the right bottom of your computer screen.
  3. Click the Bluetooth icon, it will show you various options. Tap the “Add a Bluetooth device” or “Show Bluetooth devices” option.
  4. The Bluetooth menu will appear on the computer screen.
  5. Put your JBL headphones in pairing mode. It will show in the list on your computer.
  6. Choose your respective JBL headphones. It will connect in a few minutes.

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5. Pair JBL Headphones to A TV

JBL headphones are amazing. They offer greater flexibility and you can also connect them to your TV. Hence, you can listen to TV audio through your JBL headphones.

But, the condition is your TV should have a built-in Bluetooth to pair with the JBL headphones. However, a smart TV without a built-in Bluetooth can also pair up with your JBL headphones.

But, you will need adapters for this purpose. This article will tell you both ways to pair your TV and JBL headphones.

Pairing the JBL Headphones with a TV having built-in Bluetooth

If your TV has built-in Bluetooth then you can pair the headphones very easily. Mostly, Fire TV and Android TV come with built-in Bluetooth. Follow the steps given below;

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode on your JBL headphones. Most of the JBL Bluetooth headphones have a Bluetooth button on them. But, the JBL earbuds may not have a dedicated Bluetooth button.
  2. You can put them in the pairing mode by pressing the central button for five seconds.
  3. Each model has a LED indicator to show pairing. It blinks blue as soon as the device is put in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  4. Now, open the menu on your smart TV screen. Go to settings and then navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ settings.
  5. Scan for the available Bluetooth devices. Your specific JBL headphones model will be visible in the list.
  6. Select your JBL headphones from the TV. Both devices will pair in a few seconds.

You can control the volume either through your TV or headphones.

Pairing the JBL Headphones with a TV that lacks a built-in Bluetooth

You need to use a Bluetooth Audio Adapter. This device can pair your JBL headphones with your TV which does not have built-in Bluetooth.

Some popular Bluetooth Audio Adapters are Avantree Audikast Plus, Avantree Oasis Plus, and Avantree Orbit. You can buy them from Amazon.

By using this adapter, you can not only connect your TV to JBL headphones but also to other headphones. It means you can pair your TV simultaneously to two devices.

Let us know how to pair your JBL headphones to the TV;

  1. Plug the Bluetooth Adapter into the power supply and into the TV also.
  2. Put both your JBL headphones and Bluetooth Adapter into the pairing mode.
  3. Both devices will pair up after a few moments. When your JBL headphones pair with the Adapter, it will automatically connect to the TV.

So, the Bluetooth Adapter works as the connector between the TV and headphones.

6. Pairing the JBL Headphones to an Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a smart wearable watch. It has many advanced functions like a smartphone. This watch is wonderful and can be connected to the JBL headphones.

Let us understand the process;

  1. First of all, turn on Bluetooth pairing mode on your JBL headphones.
  2. Now, open the settings on your Apple Watch.
  3. Scroll down to find the Bluetooth settings. Tap it and search for the available devices.
  4. Choose your specific JBL Bluetooth headphones.
  5. Wait a few moments and it will connect to your Apple Watch.

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7. Pairing the JBL Headphones to a Chromebook

Chromebook is a smart device that is very efficient. You can perform various functions on it. It is just like a laptop. You can pair it with your JBL headphones.

Follow these steps;

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode on your JBL headphones.
  2. Now, go to your Chromebook screen at the very right on the bottom.
  3. You will see a battery icon here, tap it. It will open a brief menu also showing the Bluetooth.
  4. If the Bluetooth is disabled, enable it by taping.
  5. Now, your Chromebook will start scanning the available devices. Choose your JBL headphone.
  6. It will open a new popup window showing “Connecting to JBL headphones”.
  7. After some seconds, the Chromebook will give a confirmation sound.

8. Pairing the JBL Headphones to a Macbook

The process of pairing JBL headphones to an iMac or Macbook is the same. Both these devices work in a similar way. So, you can pair your JBL headphones to Mac by the following steps;

  1. Click the Apple icon located at the top left corner of your Macbook screen.
  2. It will show a list of options, click on the “System Preferences”.
  3. This will show you all the options. In the third row, there is a Bluetooth icon.
  4. Click the Bluetooth icon. The next popup window will show you the Bluetooth menu.
  5. Turn the Bluetooth on. Also, check the “Show Bluetooth in the menu bar”.
  6. Now, press the Bluetooth button on your JBL headphones.
  7. The Macbook will show your JBL headphones, click the ‘connect’ button to pair.
  8. The Macbook will pair immediately with your JBL headphones.

How to Disconnect JBL Headphones from A Paired Bluetooth Device

Once you pair your JBL headphones to a Bluetooth device, they connect automatically when powered on. So, you do not need to repeat the pairing process each time.

However, you may want to disconnect your JBL headphones from a device or want to pair them with some other Bluetooth device.

In this case, you will reset your JBL headphones. They will forget all the paired devices. By repeating the pairing process, you will be able to connect your JBL headphones to some other device.

You can reset your JBL headphones by the following method;

  1. Turn your headphones ON by pressing the power button.
  2. Now, press and hold the ‘Volume UP’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously at least for 5 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons when the device gives a shut-down sound.
  4. It will turn ON again after a while giving a ‘powering on’ and pinging sound.

NOw, your JBL headphones have been restored to default factory settings. It has been disconnected from all the paired Bluetooth devices. You can connect it with any other device by following the methods given in this article.


Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the JBL Bluetooth headphones.

Why my Bluetooth headphones are not pairing?

Bluetooth can work within 30 feet. So, place your headphones and phone side by side to pair them. Un-pair your headphones by clicking the ‘Forget’ option in the Bluetooth menu. Restart the phone and connect the devices again. Also, make sure that your JBL headphones have enough charge.

How do I reset my JBL Bluetooth headphones?

First, disconnect and ‘Forget’ your JBL headphones from your phone or laptop. Next, turn the headphones ON by pressing the power button. Now, hold both the ‘Volume’ buttons for 20 seconds or until you hear the reset tone.

Are JBL Headphones worth it?

JBL is one of the most famous brands in the audio market. Its sound systems are widely used in concert halls and other professional places. JBL works in cooperation with Harman. Hence, their headphones are worth buying because they have reasonable prices, great quality, and performance.

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Read Ending Thoughts

This article is a complete guide for you if you are looking for the right method to connect your JBL headphones to various devices. The pairing method is given at the beginning of the article.

While the specific method for each device is given separately. So, after reading this article you can connect your JBL headphones to iPhone, iPad, Computer, Tablet, Laptop, TV, Apple Watch, Chromebook, And Macbook.

You can play music on your JBL headphones stored on your devices. The volume can be controlled either by the paired device or directly through the JBL headphones.

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