My Hisense TV Keeps Turning OFF Every 5 Seconds-Ultimate Guide

Is your Hisense TV malfunctioning? The TV comes ON but goes OFF immediately. Many users have reported that their TV keeps turning OFF every 5 seconds.

I am also included among those users who faced this trouble recently. It led me to find the potential causes and the perfect solutions.

When such an issue occurs, the first thing you suspect is that the television has expired. But, there are other reasons too which are quite fixable.

This guide will tell you the major causes of such an issue and the ultimate tips to resolve it.

Fix#1. Shut Down Your TV

One simple solution is to shut down your Hisense TV completely. Instead of the remote control, use the physical Power button on the set to turn it OFF.

Also, unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Leave the TV turned OFF for 30-60 minutes and then turn it ON again.

My Hisense TV Keeps Turning OFF Every 5 Seconds

Fix#2. Change the Power Supply

The power supply may be defective. That’s why the TV cannot remain turned ON. So, you should plug the TV set into a different power supply outlet.

The power surge or the overvoltage can also cause this issue. Instead of the surge protector or extension, connect the power cord directly to the electric outlet.

Additionally, make sure your household power supply system has consistent voltage. Power fluctuation and high or low voltage are some of the reasons for a malfunctioning TV.

Fix#3. Reset Your Hisense TV

Reset is another option you can try to fix your device. Here are the steps for resetting:

  1. Disconnect the power cord of your Hisense from the electrical outlet.
  2. Leave the television OFF for one hour or more.
  3. Reach out to the “Power” button on your TV set and hold it down.
  4. While holding the button, plug the power cord into the outlet.
  5. Keep holding the power button for another 60 seconds.
  6. The TV should come ON normally and the automatic switch-off issue will be resolved by this reset process.

Fix#4. Check the Buttons

Sometimes, it happens that the buttons on your TV set or the remote control are bad or pressed down without your knowledge.

This may be causing the device to keep turning OFF every 5 minutes. You should check all the buttons on the TV set, and make sure no button is sunken, hard, loose, or pressed down.

Similarly, check the buttons-specially the power button- on the remote control. Remove the batteries of the remote.

Moreover, you should check the home assistants. Maybe your TV is scheduled to turn ON/OFF or the assistant is giving the wrong commands.

Fix#5. Check the Connected Devices and Cables

Other triggers can be the devices or cables connected to your television. For example, a faulty HDMI, HDMI-CEC, or power cable can trigger the automatic shutdown.

You should examine all the cables for any damage or fault. Disconnect each cable, clean the connection ports, and connect the cables again.

Further, devices such as streaming devices, cable boxes, computers, speakers, or gaming consoles can be the culprit.

The software bugs of the external devices have transferred into your Hisense software. Thus, you should disconnect the external devices and check if the issue is resolved or not. Identify the culprit device and troubleshoot it.

Fix#6. Turn OFF Sleep/Energy Saving Mode

Sometimes, the energy-saving mode starts misbehaving. Hence, your device keeps turning OFF randomly. Here is how to disable this feature:

  1. Access the TV’s menu as soon as it turns ON.
  2. Immediately, head to the “Settings” and navigate to the “Energy saving” section.
  3. Adjust the settings or disable the energy-saving mode.
  4. The “Sleep” button on the remote may have been pressed accidentally.
  5. Press the Sleep button again to turn it OFF.

Fix#7. Try A Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can also lead to such annoying situations. Since your TV is shutting down after every few seconds, you cannot update it through settings. Another option is to update firmware via USB:

  1. You need an 8GB USB flash drive.
  2. It is better to format it and the drive should be empty.
  3. Insert the flash into the USB port on your PC.
  4. On your Windows browser, open the Hisense website.
  5. Enter your Hisense model number and check for the latest firmware update.
  6. Install the update on your computer and then transfer it to the USB drive.
  7. Unplug your Hisense TV from the power source.
  8. Now, plug the USB into the compatible port on your television.
  9. Plug the power cord into the power supply and the update will start automatically.

Fix#8. Test the Internet Connection

In some cases, the bad internet network also causes your television to shut OFF frequently. Check if all the lights on the Wifi modem or router are turned ON.

Is there any warning sign on the internet? Disconnect the internet from your TV and then check its performance.

Fix#9. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Overheating is one of the leading causes of your TV shutting down again and again. Hence, you should ensure proper ventilation.

  1. First, turn OFF the television and give it some resting time to cool down.
  2. Clean all the vents and holes on the set. Sometimes, the ventilation grills get blocked due to dust and the internal components are too heated.
  3. Moreover, make sure there are no radiating devices or heat sources near your TV. Direct sunlight and heaters can cause overheating.

Fix#10. Restore Factory Settings

Another effective solution is to restore factory settings on your Hisense TV. This process will delete the apps and other data. But, it can resolve the annoying issue of automatic shutdown. Here is how to do it:

  1. Find the “Reset” hole on your Hisense TV. It is usually located between the connection ports at the back of the TV.
  2. This is a small hole with the label “Reset” on it.
  3. Take a paperclip, hairpin, or something like that, and insert it into the reset hole.
  4. Press down the pin for 10-30 seconds until your TV restarts and the Hisense logo appears on the screen.
  5. The device may restart many a time during the factory restore.
  6. You should not perform any function and wait until it starts normally.

Fix#11. Repair the Hardware

If nothing helped, unfortunately, the hardware of your Hisense has been damaged. The power circuit or the mainboard is defective.

If the product is new and under warranty, submit a complaint to the company. You will get free repair or replacement for the defective product.

However, in case the warranty is expired, consult a local technician for the repair.

It is better to replace the TV with the latest model if you own an old Hisense because its parts are worn out and it has lived its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following section contains the answers to your frequently asked questions about Hisense TVs.

Why does my Hisense TV keep shutting OFF every few minutes?

The power supply is inconsistent, the software has a glitch, power cord or connection cables are damaged. Likewise, the TV needs a software update, reset, or factory restore. Finally, a failed t-con board, power board, or mainboard can create such an issue.

Is there any physical reset button on Hisense TV?

Yes, the reset button is located at the back panel and probably between the HDMI and audio ports. It is a tiny hole with a label on it. The button cannot be pressed like other keys but it needs a narrow pin to push.

Is it possible to repair a defective Hisense TV?

Yes, it is absolutely possible depending on the type of defect. The company is liable to repair or replace the defective product during the warranty period. Otherwise, you can get it repaired from a nearby mechanic. However, sometimes, the repair cost is almost equal to the price of a new TV set. Hence, you should purchase a new Hisense TV instead of investing in repairing the old one.

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Final Words

There are multiple reasons that can cause your Hisense TV to keep shutting OFF every 5 minutes. This article has told you all the reasons. Moreover, you have learned how to fix such a problematic TV. Hopefully, now your television is working normally.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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