Connect Phone To Car Stereo Without Aux

Last updated on September 7th, 2020 at 03:45 pm

If you want to connect your mobile phone to car stereo without using Aux cable, then you are right here. There are many other options available for you that can be used instead of Auxiliary cable.

You can connect your phone using Bluetooth, FM Transmitter, Car Adapter, and USB cable. It depends upon your stereo which of these options are supported.

Connect Phone To Car Stereo Without Aux
Connect Phone To Car Stereo Without Aux

Today we will discuss all these methods in detail. Depending upon your choice you can select the one and connect with that method.

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Connecting with Bluetooth


Bluetooth is one of the best methods if you don’t want to use Aux for connecting your phone with car stereo. Old models of car stereos may not support Bluetooth connectivity feature but new models have this feature available.

The big advantage of Bluetooth connection is that you have to configure it once and the next time it connects automatically if the settings are not changed on both sides and pairing is not deleted.

Another advantage is that you have not to hold the Aux cable or USB cable along with your mobile. You can use your mobile freely even if sitting at the back seat of the car.

Follow the steps below to pair your car stereo with a mobile phone.

#1 Step

Go to settings of car stereo and find a Bluetooth connection. Then select pairing.
[Selecting pairing will make your stereo discoverable by other devices. It means that you will be able to discover it from your mobile and pair with it]

#2 Step

Enable Bluetooth on your phone and look in the list of available devices. Select your stereo name and pair with it.

To make sure you connect with the right device you may be asked to enter the passkey(generally 0000).

#3 Step

You are almost done. Both of your devices are now connected with each other. You can play music from your phone to car speakers without using any Auxiliary cable.

Once you have done this, both of your mobile and stereo will memorize each other and connect automatically in the future ending up all your worries.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Connectivity

Although Bluetooth connection is very efficient, it has many disadvantages as well.

  • Once you have enabled pairing on stereo you have to pair it in a small time. If the time passes you have to enable the pairing again on your car stereo.
  • If you connect a new device to car stereo, it will disconnect the one already connected.
  • You can store pairing information of 8 devices and if increased previous will be deleted automatically.
  • Sometimes you may not find your stereo in available devices list. In this case, refresh scan or restart the Bluetooth on mobile.

Using FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter is also the best way to connect your phone with car stereo. It is done without Aux cable. FM Transmitter works in such a way that it receives signals from your smartphone and transmit them to the car stereo.

You have to set the same frequency on FM Transmitter and car stereo. In this way, FM transmitter and car stereo are connected with each other. You can connect your mobile phone with FM Transmitter through Bluetooth.

The FM Transmitter is connected with 12v output of the car and then it receives audio signals from your phone and transmits them to stereo.

It is an affordable way to connect your phone with car stereo without using Aux if your stereo does not have Bluetooth feature.

Disadvantages of FM Transmitter

Although FM transmitter is an affordable and best way to connect your phone with stereo wirelessly, it may not work for you permanently.

A free frequency is needed for the FM Transmitter to work properly. A free frequency in your city may not be free in the other city you are traveling. It is also disturbed by electrical signals.

This means that you cannot use FM Transmitter for long travels. It is best for temporary use but not a perfect solution.

Connecting By Car Adapter

Car Adapter

Car adapter is another best option you can use to connect your phone with a car stereo. This adapter works by connecting in the CD changer output on the back of the head unit. Make sure your car has CD changer output. You can also do this by reading the manual of the car.

When you go to buy a car adapter make sure it has Bluetooth features as this feature is not available in many car adapters and they support Aux or USB cable.

Also, get the car adapter specific for your car. There is no standard for CD changer output and you must be careful when buying an adapter.

Disadvantages of Car Adapter

There is no big disadvantage that can disturb your experience or create any big problem for you. However, if there is no CD changer on the back of the head unit, you will have to go for any other solution. Since the connector is located at the back of the head unit, you will feel a bit difficult to dismount the original head unit.

Connecting Through USB Cable

Connecting Through USB Cable
Connecting Through USB Cable

USB cable is just like the AUX cable. You may not use it because you are not using AUX cable because you have to handle the cable in the case. However, if you are not using AUX cable due to absence or failure of AUX port on your stereo or mobile phone, connecting through USB cable can be a perfect choice.

Here are the steps you can take to connect your phone to car stereo with USB cable.

#1 Step

Find the USB port on your car stereo and mobile device and get a USB cable.

#2 Step

Plug one end of USB cable in mobile phone and the other end in car stereo.

#3 Step 

Change the input source of car stereo to USB.

#4 Step

You are done. Browse audio songs from car stereo. Depending upon the system, songs will be organized by metadata or folder structure.

Disadvantages of USB Cable

USB is the best method to keep your music running smoothly. You will not face any disturbance. The only disadvantage is that your mobile will be attached to the stereo as long as you are listening to music. You may not be able to use it even at the back seat. Overall, it is the perfect method.

Change Car Head Unit-Best Ever Solution

Car Head Unit
Car Head Unit

If none of the solutions work well for you, the final solution is to change the head unit and it is a complete but expensive solution.

Your new head unit will come with all the latest features like Bluetooth. Not only you will be able to connect your phone to stereo without AUX but you will also enjoy many other latest features.

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Disadvantages of Changing Head Unit

Installing a new head unit is not an easy task and much complicated for you if you do not have much knowledge about electrical wires. Many old cars do not have 6″ screens in the dashboard and it will destroy your original feeling as well. In the end, as discussed above, it is an expensive way to get a new head unit.