Connect Phone To Car Stereo With Aux Cable

Last updated on September 7th, 2020 at 03:45 pm

Listening to music is a great joy while driving. You cannot rely on FM while driving and you must use a smartphone that can give you what you want through storage and online connectivity.

You are not limited to music only and can enjoy Audiobooks, Podcasts, or anything else you love the most.

Connect Phone To Car Stereo With Aux

The best way to do all this is to hook your phone while driving. You can use various car holders for this purpose.

There are various methods available to connect your phone to car stereo like through USB, aux cable, Bluetooth, Cassette Adapter for very old cars, FM transmitters in old stereos, etc.

But the most popular methods are with USB, Aux cable and Bluetooth. Today we will use Aux cable to connect your phone with a car stereo.

Connecting Phone To Car Stereo With Auxiliary Cable

In early car stereos, cassette adapters were used to connect your mobile phone with a car stereo. Now, these have been replaced by Aux cables or Auxiliary cables.

Aux cable is a reliable and efficient way of connecting the phone with stereo. Follow the steps below to create the connection.

#1 Step

Aux cable port on car stereo

Find the Aux cable port on your car stereo. Take a 3.5 mm Aux cable and attach it with a car stereo and your mobile phone. This cable is 3.5 mm(1/8 inch) in size from both ends.

#2 Step

Aux button on the car stereo

Press the Aux button on the car stereo or toggle the input button and select the Aux input.

#3 Step

control the volume from your car stereo

You are done. Keep your mobile phone volume about 40 to 50% and control the volume from your car stereo. Do not increase volume directly from the mobile because it will make audio quality bad.

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This was all you need to do and now you can enjoy listening to different things during your ride. If there is any problem try changing Aux cable and it may solve your problem. If the problem persists even after the change of Auxiliary cable, check your mobile or stereo port.

Note: Using a mobile phone or listening to music is not a good practice while driving. It distracts you and may cause an accident. Do not change the music or pay all your attention to speakers while driving. Be careful as much as possible.