The Best Equalizer Settings For Car Audio Bass, Mid and Treble

Is your car stereo delivering dull music that makes you anger on your car speakers? Neither your stereo nor speakers are bad but they need to be tuned properly to deliver the desired sound. Audio bass, mid and treble need to be adjusted properly for the best sound quality on car speakers. Learn completely to equalize your car stereo for the best bass, mid and treble.

Today, we love music and music equipment. Good music ends up all our sadness and makes us excited and able to perform many activities.

To listen to music in an excellent way, we buy high-quality speakers but sometimes we cannot get what was expected. It does never mean that the speakers are bad. Actually we are unable to adjust the settings of speakers to get the best sound we like.


We can make our speakers worthy and enjoy music much if we learn how to equalize the audio bass, mid and treble to get the desired sound from the speakers and stereo installed in our car.

It will certainly add to your joy when riding on a car if speakers are giving you the desired bass and better sound quality.

Today, we will show you the complete procedure of equalizing the bass, mid and treble of your car stereo.

First of all, we learn what is equalization and then we proceed further.

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Equalization in Music

The short and sweet meaning of equalization(EQ) is the changing of frequencies to achieve the desired frequency. As our ears can hear frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, different people love different frequencies. Equalization helps to tune the frequency you feel good for your ears. This adds to your joy while you are listening to music.

Equalization in Music

For example, if you are listening to music that has very high bass but you dislike bass, you can equalize your car stereo and reduce the bass to your level. It helps you enjoy the music inside the car rather than getting further bore due to very high or very low bass.

Bass, Mid and Treble

Bass, Mid and Treble are the three bands of sound. All these sound bands vary in frequency.

Bass means the sound of frequency between 16 Hz to 256 Hz. This is a low-frequency sound that we call bass.


Treble is the highest frequency human ear can hear. The human ear can hear frequencies up to 20 kHz.

Mid lies between Treble and Bass and has a frequency of 400 Hz to 2500 Hz.

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Steps For Best Equalizer Settings For Bass, Treble, and Mid in Car Stereo

Here we have some steps that you can take to equalize your car stereo and adjust your speakers for better sound output. Once you have understood equalization you can get the desired sound from your car stereo.

#1 Step:

Park your car before playing music. Never do this while driving because equalization takes time and attention, a little carelessness can cause an accident. Always make sure your car is parked.

#2 Step:

Once you have parked the car, turn on your car stereo and play music. Try to play music having different frequencies. It will help you better understand equalization and become more professional.

#3 Step:

Make your balance settings same for both of your speakers. Tune your car’s stereo fade control in such a way that all the sound comes from the front speakers.

#4 Step:

Listen to music and notice what you don’t like. Now change bass, mid, and treble and try to find the best sound for you. Different people love different bass, mid and treble, so there is nothing fixed for all. It now depends upon you to find the best combination of bass, treble and mid for you. It is not a difficult task and you can do it very easily. Once you have done it a few times, you will be able to adjust the sound in no time in the future.


Bass is the main thing that you will change again and again. To change bass change the lower frequency and get the desired bass. When equalizing, try to keep it at a moderate level and then change treble and mid.

You may need to change these settings for different songs. However, there are some things that you have to keep in mind while adjusting the stereo for better sound quality in a car.

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Know Before Adjusting Car Stereo For Best Sound

There are many things you need to know before changing the stereo settings of your car. Quality of sound is also affected by the position of speakers, quality of speakers, quality of the amplifier.

Position of Speakers in Car

The two speakers in your car must be in phase to get the best sound quality. If they are not in phase you cannot get the desired results even after perfect equalization.

In phase speakers mean that all the cons of speakers should come out and move in at the same time. Now you wonder how to verify whether your speakers are in phase or not.


To check play a song with heavy bass and bring the balance on one side of speakers. Now bring the balance at the center. If you observe a significant increase in bass, then speakers are in phase.

Before equalization, it is important that your speakers are installed properly.

Type of Music

The quality of sound may change if you play a song that is totally different from the previous one. You will have to equalize if you change the song.

Quality of Speakers

If you are not getting better quality even after doing everything, you should focus on the quality of your car speakers. With low-quality speakers, focusing on equalization and other settings is of very little use.

Sound System of Car

The sound system of your car consists of a head unit, an amplifier, and a pair of speakers. The Head unit delivers audio signals to the amplifier which amplifies and produces sound from these signals. A good amplifier can produce better sound.


If the amplifier is weak, you will not get the best quality sound even if you have very high-quality speakers. Make sure all these basic components are of excellent quality.

Internal or External Noise Disturbing Music

Any sound internal or external disturbs your music and you have to avoid it. If you meet such a condition, turn your bass and treble to the maximum.

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Best 13 Band Equalizer Settings For Car Pioneer

If you are using Pioneer stereo in your car you can adjust its settings and get the best sound. Take help from the video below.

Best Equalizer Settings For Bass Sony Car Stereo

If you are using a sony car stereo, you can take help from the video below and adjust for better sound.

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Final Thoughts

To enjoy the music in your car, equalization helps you a lot in getting the desired quality of sound. If you have no knowledge of equalization and sound systems in your car, you can never enjoy music to its extreme.


Best equalizer settings give you the desired bass, mid and treble. It keeps sound clear and smooth that adds to your joy.

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