Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green – 7 Solutions

This guide intends to fix your Yootech wireless charger if it is blinking green. Yootech is one of the popular wireless chargers.

It is a Qi-certified charger and is compatible with almost any smartphone or iPhone model. You place your phone on the Yootech to charge it.

However, the charger itself needs a wired connection to store the energy. It has some LED indicators to inform about different charging statuses.

Sometimes, the charger is turned ON but cannot charge your phone. It keeps on blinking green but delivers no juice to your device.

You need to know the reason behind this issue. You should also notice what different colors of LED indicate.

Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green

This article includes complete information and the best solutions for the issue. So, keep reading this guide till the last word.

Why Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green?

  • One immediate reason for blinking green is that your device is not charging properly.
  • Another reason is that the charger is not compatible with the smartphone.
  • You have placed the wrong smartphone on your charger. Therefore, it is protesting against the mismatch.
  • There are a few more causes for this problem. We will review them along with their solutions.

1. Confirm the Compatibility

One of the most common causes is the incompatibility of the charger and phone. Some specific smartphone brands may not be compatible with the wireless charger.

All phones do not come with a wireless charging feature. You can confirm this by charging a smartphone from a different brand.

Your Yootech will stop blinking green as soon as you remove your phone, this indicates an incompatibility issue.

Another trick is to charge your current phone using another wireless charger. You may have one in your home or you can lend it to your friend for a while.

If your phone cannot charge with another wireless charger, it lacks a wireless charging feature.

However, if a different phone successfully charges through your Yootech, you need to troubleshoot your phone.

2. Place the Phone Properly

You should follow the recommended charging guidelines to avoid any issues. It is better to read and understand the user manual of your Yootech.

Place your phone on the charging base according to the guidelines. Try placing your phone in a different position and note at which point charging starts.

You need to observe the phone screen and battery icon. Also, note the blinking lights on the charger. The LED will turn blue if the charging is going on.

3. Ensure Sufficient Power

Your wireless charger may not be receiving enough power or its battery is draining. So, you should check the power supply.

Make sure the wall outlet is delivering enough voltage and current. Plug another electric device or charger into the power outlet or connect your Yootech to a different wall power supply.

Furthermore, connect your Yootech directly to the wall outlet instead of using a USB hub or extension. Sometimes, the USB hub is faulty or fails to work due to overloading.

In addition, ensure your computer is not in sleep mode if you are charging through it.

Connect your Yootech charger to a different USB port on your computer. If this does not help then follow the next solution.

4. Check the Charging Tools

If the power supply is fine, you need to check the charging tools. Yootech wireless charger comes with a charging cable. But, no AC adapter is provided with it.

So, you have to purchase a suitable AC adapter separately. It may be the cause of the issue. Because third-party AC adapters are not always compatible with your charger.

You need to select it very carefully. Consider the voltage of your Yootech and buy the best quality adapter. Normally, a 5V/2A AC adapter is good.

Moreover, you should always use the provided cable to charge your device. Carefully, check both the adapter and the cable. Make sure they are working properly and have good health.

The cable should not be broken, bruised, or bent. Similarly, the adapter should fit firmly into the socket and the cable should be firmly attached to the charger.

If possible try using the adapter and cable with another device to check their functioning. Replace the faulty tool cable or the adapter.

5. Reset Your Yootech Wireless Charger

A software bug can result in a charging issue. You can fix it by resetting your Yootech. The reset method is very simple and easy;

  1. Unplug your Yootech charger from the AC outlet- either the wall power outlet or the computer.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds before plugging it back.
  3. Now, turn the charger ON and place your phone on it.

If it does not work, repeat the process two more times. Please consult the user manual for further reset suggestions.

6. Remove the Interfering Objects

If still, your Yootech charger is still blinking green, something between the wireless charging stand and your phone may be interfering with the charging.

Because all wireless chargers work on the principle of magnetic induction. So, magnetic mounts, magnetic cases, or other objects can affect the charging.

Such objects can affect the efficiency of your charger. They can also damage magnetic strips or RFID chips. So, make sure that your phone has not attached such objects to its back.

Moreover, remove the protector case of your phone as it can stop charging. Thoroughly clean your Yootech wireless charger. A layer of dust, spots, or moisture also causes this issue.

7. Troubleshoot Your Phone

Since you have applied all the tricks to your Yootech wireless charger, it should not be blinking green now. However, if the issue still persists, your phone may be the culprit.

So, you should troubleshoot your smartphone. Just restart your phone and try charging again. Also, try to charge it using a wired charger. Hopefully, this will help solve the problem.

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Final Words

If the issue is due to incompatibility, your Yootech charger should stop blinking green if your phone is not placed on it.

However, it will continue blinking if the problem is internal. We recommend you try all the troubleshooting tricks. If nothing works, contact Yootech to submit a complaint.

Maybe your charger has a built-in fault. So, only the manufacturer can fix it. We hope our guide will prove very helpful for you.

We would appreciate it if you tell us in the comment section which of the hacks fixed your Yootech wireless charger that was blinking green.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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