Vizio Satellite Speakers Not Working – The Ultimate Guide

This guide aims at fixing your Vizio Satellite speakers that are not working properly.

Vizio is one of the most popular sound systems. Some models also come with satellite or rear speakers. They are meant to give you a surround sound effect.

However, their functioning depends on the type of content. For example, the satellite speakers may not work if you are watching a movie with no background noise.

This could be one reason, but there are many other reasons your Vizio speakers are not working. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail the major causes of this issue.

Vizio Satellite Speakers Not Working

Moreover, we will apply some verified solutions to fix your Vizio Satellite speakers.

What are Satellite Speakers?

Before moving to the solutions, it is necessary to understand what are satellite speakers and how they work. Satellite speakers are part of a 5.1-channel surround sound system.

This system includes multiple units such as 5 or more speakers along with a subwoofer. Deep and low bass and rumbling sound is ensured by the subwoofer.

While, in the case of Vizio, the front, left, and center speakers are integrated into a single soundbar. This design creates an immersive sound effect.

It directs the sound from various angles and you feel like sitting in a movie theater. The satellite speakers are two separate right and left rear speakers.

They connect to the subwoofer and produce ambient sound. For example, if you are watching a movie with a woodland scene, the satellite /rear speaker will make sure that you hear the rustling of leaves and chirping of cricket clearly.

Fixing the Vizio Satellite Speakers Not Working

So, now, you have a basic idea about the Vizio surround sound system and the function of the satellite speakers. This knowledge will help you fix your satellite speakers if they are not working.

1. Play The Right Type of Content

If your satellite speakers are not working, make sure that you are watching the right type of movie. As we mentioned earlier satellite speakers are meant to enhance background noises.

So, if your content lacks background music or sounds, the satellite speakers will not be working. For example, you hear gunfire or explosions while watching action movies.

Similarly, some movies play background music while others have forest scenes. Vizio Satellite speakers ensure that you hear the chirping of birds and the blow of winds.

We suggest you play different movies and observe if the satellite speakers start working.

If you are watching this type of content and still your Vizio satellite speakers are not working, follow the next tricks.

2. Check the Connections

Vizio satellite speakers are connected to the subwoofer with a cable. Make sure that you have firmly connected both speakers.

Further, ensure that the subwoofer is turned ON. Look at the back of the sub, it should be glowing a light. The subwoofer gets power from a wall power outlet.

Your next task is to check that the power supply is working fine and delivering enough power. Try plugging in the subwoofer to a different power outlet.

Another trick is to re-establish the connections. Unplug the cables between your subwoofer and rear speakers. Wait a few moments and then connect the devices again.

3. Re-Pair Your Vizio Subwoofer and Soundbar

Maybe the soundbar and subwoofer are not paired properly. Therefore, the sub cannot deliver sound to satellite speakers. So, you need to re-pair both devices.

  1. Turn OFF your Vizio subwoofer and soundbar and disconnect them from the power supply. Also, disconnect the satellite speakers.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds and then connect the power supply both to the subwoofer and soundbar.
  3. Press the ‘Power’ button on the soundbar and sub to turn them ON.
  4. A light indicator will blink near the power switch when the devices are powered ON.
  5. Place both devices at a distance of one foot. If they are placed farther away from each other, pairing may not be successful.
  6. Locate the ‘Pair’ button on your Vizio remote or press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar itself.
  7. Some Vizio soundbars do not have this option, so you need to hold down the ‘Power’ button for 10 seconds until it goes into pairing mode.
  8. Similarly, locate the button labeled ‘Pair’ or ‘Link’ at the back of the subwoofer. Press and hold this button for 5 seconds, the light will start blinking and the sub will be searching for the soundbar.
  9. Now, that the pairing process is complete, you can confirm by playing some audio files.
  10. Next, reconnect the subwoofer with satellite speakers and check if they are working.

4. Adjust the Sound Settings

Since satellite speakers are responsible for playing background sound, you should turn ON the surround sound settings. Vizio remote has many buttons for various surround modes.

So, change the surround mode and take a pause at each mode to hear the sound from the rear speakers.

Trying each sound mode can help solve the issue. Also, make sure that you have turned the volume to an audible level.

5. Factory Reset Your Vizio Soundbar

A simple reset can be done by unplugging both devices from the wall power outlet and then plugging them back again after 60 seconds.

However, a factory reset is one step ahead. It is likely to solve a number of issues related to your Vizio soundbar.

If nothing works then you must try a factory reset on your soundbar. The method is as follows;

  1. On your Vizio soundbar, press and hold the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons at the same time.
  2. Release them after 10 seconds and your soundbar is reset.
  3. You cannot use the remote control to perform a factory reset, it has to be done by the buttons on the soundbar itself.

6. Replace the Cables

Many users report that replacing the connection cable solved their issue. Either the cables are faulty or incompatible.

So, carefully examine the cable connecting your Vizio satellite speakers with the subwoofer. Look for cuts or exposed wires and try another cable.

It is recommended to use a Digital Coaxial or Digital Optical cable to connect your Vizio satellite speakers to the subwoofer.

While you may be using an HDMI cable to connect both devices. So, replace the cable and the issue will be resolved.

7. Inspect the Hardware

If none of the solutions work, your Vizio sound system has defective hardware. Examine the connection ports on both satellite speakers and subwoofer.

The connection cables should fit perfectly into the port and should not be jiggling around. Moreover, clean the ports using a toothbrush, remove all the dust, and connect again.

If this does not help, the ports may be broken. So, you should contact Vizio to get your sound system repaired.

It could be a manufacturing fault if the satellite speakers are not working from the first day. Hence, you can claim a replacement or refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that may be coming to your mind regarding your Vizio sound system.

How to know that my satellite speakers are working?

Make sure to play various types of movies, especially action movies with background noises through your sound system. Because the satellite speakers are designed to enhance background noises.

Why are my Vizio satellite speakers not working?

Make sure the system is connected properly and there are no loose or broken wires. Likewise, check the connection between the subwoofer and the speakers. Read and apply all the solutions given in this guide to fix the issue.

How can I confirm that my speakers are damaged?

Creaking, freaking, scracthing, buzzing, or odd sounds is an obvious indicator that your speakers are damaged. Likewise, if the speakers give no sound at all, this is a warning sign of the hardware damage. No power light will come ON if the speakers have failed.

Final Words

This guide has suggested a number of solutions to fix your Vizio sound system. We hope they will resolve the problem if it is not hardware-related.

Kindly try all the tricks in the correct sequence. However, if nothing works then your Vizio satellite speakers have defective hardware.

Consult a professional technician or the manufacturer. Do not forget to tell us in the comment section which of the tricks fixed your issue of Vizio satellite speakers not working.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, founder of I love music and got my Bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering. Now I have started my own blog about music products. Just like you, I also love different music products and in my spare time, I share my knowledge with audio lovers on this site. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, founder of I love music and got my Bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering. Now I have started my own blog about music products. Just like you, I also love different music products and in my spare time, I share my knowledge with audio lovers on this site. Read more about me

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