Skullcandy Left Earbud Not Working Fixed

If your Skullcandy left earbud is not working, you have come to the right place. Because this article is going to solve your problem within no time.

Skullcandy earbuds can be used in Mono mode. It means you can listen from only one earbud. In stereo mode, you can sync both earbuds and then pair them with a Bluetooth device.

Skullcandy Left Earbud Not Working

However, one earbud fails to work sometimes. Whether your left or right earbud is not working, the fixing method is the same. Read this article till the end to find the solution for this issue.

Skullcandy Left Earbud Malfunctioning Solutions

Solution 1:

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Skullcandy earbuds if the left one is not working;

  1. Put both earbuds in their charging case.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the device (e.g. phone, tablet, computer) to which your earbuds are paired.
  3. Turn OFF Bluetooth and remove your earbuds from the pairing list.
  4. Now, take out the left earbud from its case. Touch and hold the center of the earbud until the LED indicator flashes red.
  5. This indicates that the earbud is reset. Now, put the left earbud back in its case.
  6. Next, take out the right earbud from the case and reset it by following the same process.
  7. Now, put both earbuds in your ears. A beep tone and a voice prompt will inform you that both earbuds have synced with each other.
  8. At this point, turn on Bluetooth on your device (phone, tablet, PC). Your Skullcandy earbuds will show on the screen of your device.
  9. Connect them with your device. Hopefully, the sound is coming from both earbuds.

Solution 2:

If the first solution does not work and still your Skullcandy left earbud is not working then follow this solution;

Turn OFF Bluetooth on the device to which your earbuds are connected. Also, remove the earbuds from the pairing list.

  1. Turn off both earbuds, press, and hold the back button/touch panel for 6 seconds until the earbuds power off.
  2. Now, press and hold the back button on your left earbud for 10 seconds. Put it in the charging case.
  3. Repeat the same process with the right earbud also.
  4. Now, remove both earbuds from the charging case and they will go into pairing mode.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth on your device-phone, tablet, PC- and scan for your Skullcandy earbuds.
  6. Connect them when their name appears in the list. Make sure the audio is coming from both earbuds.

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Final Words

It is recommended to work with the left earbud first and remove it from the charging case before the right earbud. The reason is that the right earbud starts the pairing process.

So, removing it from the case will create a problem and it will not sync with the left earbud. Hence, the left earbud will not receive audio signals.

However, this issue can be solved readily by reading this guide. Follow each step in the correct order to fix your Skullcandy left earbud not working. We hope, you are liking our articles.

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