14 Most Expensive Subwoofers For Car Audio 2022

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 03:46 pm

For car audio, high-quality subwoofers really produce the desired sound. On the other hand, poor subs can kill all your audio by causing different problems. Most expensive subwoofers are the final solution to improve car audio if you have a good setup. These will cover low-frequency sounds and make your audio powerful with deep bass.

Different brands offer subs from low to high quality. We have picked some valuable car subwoofers from all the top brands.

Expensive subwoofers have fewer sales because everyone cannot afford to buy these subs.

We have picked the most valuable car subwoofers from Sundown Audio and some other brands. We have organized these subs in two tables; first from different brands and second only from Sundown Audio.

Top Brands Expensive Subwoofers For Car Audio

Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 SubwooferRockford Fosgate T2S1-16 Subwoofer16"
Cerwin Vega SPCL152 Car SubwooferCerwin Vega SPCL152 Car Subwoofer15"
Car Subwoofer by Massive Audio HippoXL122RCar Subwoofer by Massive Audio HippoXL122R12"
Focal E25KX SubwooferFocal E25KX Subwoofer10"
Memphis 15-MOJO615D2 2-Ohm SubwooferMemphis 15-MOJO615D2 2-Ohm Subwoofer15"
Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2 Car SubwooferSkar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2 Car Subwoofer12"
Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2 SubwoofersRockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2 Subwoofers12"

These subwoofers can prove valuable and your money will not go waste. Now we review all these subs shortly to make your idea clear about what you will get.

Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 5000 Watts Car Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 5000 Watts Car Subwoofer

Our top #1 pick of most expensive subwoofer is Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16. With high peak power and RMS, it delivers better than expected sound quality.

If you are really an audio enthusiast and want to invest in car audio, no other sub can be better choice.

The peak power of this subwoofer is 5000 watts and RMS is 2500 watts. You need to have a good amplifier and battery in your car to run this subwoofer. Regular batteries in car may not be able to run it properly.

This sub has the highest RMS and peak power, you hardly find such high power in car subwoofers.

The bass is really good and the sound clear without any distortion. You can raise the volume as much as you like and everything will rattle.

For bass lovers, it is actually what they need. It has 1-ohm impedance and a frequency response between 21 Hz to 250 Hz. The frequency coverage is good to produce a cinema-like feeling.

It has 89 dB sensitivity and comes with 1 year of warranty.

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Cerwin Vega SPCL152 2400W Subwoofer

Cerwin Vega SPCL152 2400W Subwoofer

There is another valuable subwoofer for your car. You can get a lot from this subwoofer in almost same price range as above one.

Although the price is very close to each other, the above one has more peak power and RMS. This sub has 2400 watts peak power and 1200 watts RMS.

It has a big magnet with a high-density motor structure to handle the maximum power. The recommended power to run it continuously is 1500 watts.

The high-temperature 4″ voice coil can work even when hot with full performance.

It has almost 94 dB sensitivity and 77 pounds weight.

No doubt, it is a valuable subwoofer but the above one could be a better choice in the same price range.

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Car Subwoofer by Massive Audio HippoXL122R

Car Subwoofer by Massive Audio HippoXL122R

Massive Audio also manufactures top-quality subwoofers and this is one of the best models of this brand. With the highest power and good price tag, it offers premium quality actually in cheap.

You have the option to select one with your desired power and impedance. This is a competition subwoofer and the performance you know in a competition subwoofer is better than best.

These subwoofers are designed with more durability and maximum output power. It has a big magnet and strontium magnet structure for improved sound quality.

3000 watts RMS is really great. It has 4″ voice coil and 87 dB sensitivity. This sensitivity is less than above two models but perfect.

This 12″ subwoofer delivers deep heart-thumping bass. You will really love this sub in your car audio system and a penny of you is not going to waste with it.

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Focal E25KX 10″ Subwoofer

Focal E25KX 10” Subwoofer

This 10″ subwoofer is one of the most valuable and high-price car subs. It is built from ground to up keeping in mind your needs of bass and sound quality.

The maximum power handling capacity is 1200 watts that is far less than our top models that are a bit expensive than this one. The RMS is 600 watts. In this power, it may not be loud as high power subs, but have clear sound and bass quality in this sound level.

It has sensitivity of 85 dB and a frequency response of 25 to 500 Hz. This subwoofer has dual 4-ohm voice coils and comes with 1-year warranty.

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Memphis 15-MOJO615D2 Subwoofer

Memphis 15-MOJO615D2 Subwoofer

This subwoofer of Memphis has good power handling capacity.  Solid hard-hitting bass is the top feature of this sub.

Maximum power handling capacity is 4400 watts and RMS is 2200 watts. You can run it a bit above the RMS and it will not get damaged.

Double-stitched rubber surround makes design beautiful and increases durability. It has a 4-layer 3.5-inch voice coil.

Other features are dual 2-ohm voice coil, 86 dB sensitivity, and 1-year warranty.

It could be a good choice if you cannot buy the above high-power subwoofers because it has low price than those.

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Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2 12″ SPL Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2 12

Skar Manufactures the most valuable subwoofers. All their subs are of high-quality. According to your budget, you can get the one. From 12″ to 18″, you can select one that best fits your car.

The maximum power is 3000 watts and RMS is 1500 watts. It has a Massive Triple Stack Magnet and this power combined gives very beautiful sound and heart-thumping bass.

8 layer 3″ high-temperature voice coil made of copper adds to the sound quality. Actually it is a competition-grade subwoofer that can give you the desired sound for listening to music while at long drives.

Other features are competition-grade paper cone, 84 dB sensitivity, foam surround, advanced cooling design, and 2 year warranty.

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Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2-12 Car Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate (2) Punch P3D2-12 Most Expensive Car Subwoofers

Our last pick from different brands is Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D2-12. It is also from the same brand as top #1 but quality is lower.

The maximum power handling capacity is 2400 watts of both subs. You will get a pair of these subs and peak power of one is 1200 watts and both have 2400 watts.

RMS of one sub is 600 watts and both have 1200 watts. Two subs work good if tuned properly. You can have a single powerful sub if you don’t like to have two.

The frequency response is 27 to 250 Hz and sensitivity is 85 dB. This pair comes with a 1-year warranty.

At a reasonable price, you can get a premium subwoofer that has quality found in expensive subwoofers. Rockford is one of the best and trusted brands in manufacturing audio gears for car.

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Most Valuable Car Subwoofers By Sundown Audio

Sundown Audio is a top brand in the market that has manufactured many expensive subwoofers. Their best subs are included in our list. We have reviewed all their subs briefly.

Sundown Audio Z-15 V.5 D1 SubSundown Audio Z-15 V.5 D1 Sub15"
X-10 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio SubwooferX-10 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio Subwoofer10"
Sundown Audio U-12 D2 U-Series SubwooferSundown Audio U-12 D2 U-Series Subwoofer12"
Sundown Audio U-10 D2 U-Series SubwooferSundown Audio U-10 D2 U-Series Subwoofer10"
X-12 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio X V.2 Series SubwooferX-12 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio X V.2 Series Subwoofer12"
Sundown Audio X-8 Series SubwoofersSundown Audio X-8 Series Subwoofers8"
Team 18 D0.7 - Sundown Audio Team Series SubTeam 18 D0.7 - Sundown Audio Team Series Sub18"

Sundown Audio Z-15 V.5 D1 Best Value Car Subwoofer

Sundown Audio Z-15 V.5 D1 Best Value Car Subwoofer

The best ever subwoofer of this brand is Sundown Audio Z-15 V.5 D1. From look to top-end performance, it does a great job.

It has a triple-stacked motor structure and 2000 watts of RMS to deliver what you are looking for. If you have a good amplifier to run it, you can get better than best sound quality.

The quality can be seen even from the picture and the build is very durable. The 4 layers 3″ voice coil has aluminum former to dissipate heat quickly and reduce distortion.

The magnet is very big. It has a dual 1-ohm voice coil and the weight is 95 pounds. It seems quite heavy subwoofer.

If you can install and configure it properly with your car audio, you can have better than ever sound. The ability to cover the low frequencies and produce more powerful bass makes this sub as the best one.

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X-10 V.2 D4 – Sundown Audio Subwoofer

X-10 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio Subwoofer

This is another best model of Sundown Audio which can change all your audio. If you have a little less budget to buy the first one, it could also be a great choice for you. It has the quality that most of the high-priced subs cannot provide.

The RMS power of this sub is 1500 watts that is really great but 500 watts less than the above model. It has a 4-ohm dual voice coil configuration. This high-temperature voice coil has aluminum former that dissipates heat faster and works longer without distortion.

On low distortion, you can listen to music while driving. The main feature of a sub is to produce deep bass and it does its job. The heart-thumping bass will rattle your entire car if you run it at high volume.

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X-12 V.2 D4 – Sundown Audio Expensive Car Subwoofer

X-12 V.2 D4 - Sundown Audio Expensive Car Subwoofer

Here comes our 3rd best subwoofer from Sundown Audio. This is one of the hot-selling car subwoofers in the market today. With a lot of positive reviews, it shows how much it worth.

Just like the previous one, this subwoofer also has 1500 watts RMS and the price range is also the same. Although the previous one has the same price range, this one is selling more. The look of this sub is really amazing.

It has a dual 4-ohm voice coil configuration and 84 dB sensitivity. Once installed in your car, you will hear a loud and deep bass.

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Sundown Audio U-12 D2 U-Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio U-12 D2 U-Series Subwoofer

The 4th subwoofer of Sundown Audio that comes with almost the same features but a little compromise on performance as compared to many of our top subwoofers.

The performance is not bad, but less than the first two models. Although the power is the same and works great, the price is also less than those models.

It also has 4-layer 3″ voice coil that has aluminum former to dissipate heat quickly and works even when the sub is running hot without causing sound distortion.

The sub is optimized for small enclosures making it easy to install in your car. The aluminum frame is very durable to last longer.

The big magnet and 1500 watts RMS power delivers good quality of sound. You can have a good subwoofer at a reasonable price and it is most valuable one.

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Sundown Audio U-10 D2 10″ U-Series Subwoofer

Sundown Audio U-10 D2 10

This is a 10-inch subwoofer but has same continuous power handling capacity of 1500 watts as in 12″ subs of Sundown Audio.

It has a big magnet and built with high-quality materials. The price is same as the previous one but better quality in this size. If you can accommodate 10″ subwoofer in your car audio, it could be a better choice even from the previous 12″.

This one is a dual 2-ohm impedance subwoofer and you can also get dual 4-ohm impedance.

The 3″ high-temperature voice coil has an aluminum former for better heat dissipation.

Foam surround and punchy bass are the top features of this car subwoofer.

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Sundown Audio X-8 Series Subwoofers

Sundown Audio X-8 Series Subwoofers

Our 2nd last choice of most expensive car subwoofers is Sundown Audio X-8 Series Pair X-8 V.3 D2 8″ Subwoofers. You will get a pair of these subs and each of these have 800 watts RMS power. The total of 1600 watts RMS can do a great job and make your audio better.

Like all other subs of Sundown Audio, these are also built with high-quality materials. Durable construction and top-end performance are included in all the models of this brand on our list.

The size of this pair is 8″ and it is easy to install in your car and takes less space. As large subs and speakers require more space and installation techniques, small size subs are much easier.

The price of this pair is lower than all the subs in our review and the quality of these subwoofers is just same as in high-priced subs. Actually you are buying a pair of most expensive subwoofers for your car but at a little low cost.

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Team 18 D0.7 – Sundown Audio 18″ Subwoofer

Team 18 D0.7 - Sundown Audio 18

The last sub is actually what you are looking for. It is not most expensive, it is too expensive and bigger subwoofer.

Actually it is very powerful sub, but very little sales because of much high price. The bass and sound is so much high to rattle everything around your car.

No doubt, it is so much powerful and bigger size, you will not have to buy only this sub to make it run. The RMS power of this sub is 5000 watts that is highest and a most powerful amplifier and a good battery setup is needed in your car for it to function.

It is specially made for audio enthusiasts who wish to install everything with top-end performance. It may not meed your budget, because you also need an amplifier and more powerful battery setup along with buying this sub.

The magnet is much bigger and it may be difficult to adjust in your car. If you are thinking of buying a single most powerful subwoofer for your car audio, this sub can be a great choice.

However, there are other best options available for you to meet the budget and space requirements. This model is the most expensive subwoofer for your car.

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Final Thoughts

We tried our best to find all the best and most expensive car subwoofers available in the market. Our review includes about 14 subwoofers out of which 7 are from different top brands and 7 are from Sundown Audio only. All these subs worth the money and chosen carefully.

The choice is yours. Each of these may not meet your budget, size and requirements. Final decision depends upon your choice. To make your idea clear we discussed the top features of all these expensive subwoofers for your car. Make a decision and get one before it runs away.

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