4 Cheapest 15-Inch Subwoofers/Woofers 2022

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 03:45 pm

If you want a 15-inch subwoofer or woofer but lacks the budget, don’t worry as we have brought some cheapest 15-inch subwoofers. Although there are many subwoofers that are cheap but not worthy. That is why we have picked subs that are cheap and worth the money. From our top picks, you will have a good choice at the lowest budget.

Top Picks of Cheapest 15″ Subwoofers

These 4 subwoofers are really cheap priced and loving sound quality. Now we review all these subs shortly.

Pyle PLPW15D 15inch Car Vehicle Subwoofer

Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker - Cheapest 15inch

If you really want a subwoofer that could change your audio experience, this one is a perfect choice at the lowest price. No other 15″ subwoofer is cheaper like this and the quality is better than the subs that have twice price.

It is very high power and loved by hundreds of people. The maximum output power is 2000 watts and peak power is 1000 watts. You can run it continuously at 1000 watts without getting it blew out.

Each coil is 2.5″ and has 4-layers to resist. You can wire this sub as 4-ohm or 8-ohm impedance.

It has steel basket and non-pressed paper cone. Foam surround makes it beautiful besides increasing durability.

With 92 Db sensitivity and many other features, it is a top#1 cheap 15″ subwoofer in the market.

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Pyle PPA15 15 Inch Car Midbass Woofer

Pyle PPA15 800 Watt High Powered Budget-Friendly Car Subwoofer

This is another model from the same brand that is also cheap and latest. You get more than expected bass quality for the price you pay. As compared to many most expensive car subwoofers, this one can do a great job if you cannot afford or do not want to spend a lot on this thing.

The price is very close to the above one but power is 800 watts (peak) and 250 watts RMS. This is enough for the price but if you need more power you can go for above one.

It has 8-ohm impedance and frequency response between 30 Hz to 3kHz.

Sensitivity is 90 dB that is good and close to excellent value of 92 dB found in Pyle PLPW15D.

Kapton Voice Coil works great even at high temperature and the 70 oz magnet perform well.

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Our 3rd cheapest 15-inch woofer from MCM AUDIO that has almost the same price tag as the previous two. All three models have very close price range and they are listed according to their quality and features. As the first one has better quality and more features, so it is listed at the top.

The maximum power handling capacity of this one is 400 watts and RMS is 200 watts. Both of these powers are lesser than our previous models of Pyle.

Frequency response of this woofer is 32 to 2kHz and sensitivity of 98 dB is more than all our models.

You can hear a tight and crisp bass from this subwoofer. It will not kill your audio experience by distortion.

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Car Subwoofer by Massive Audio GTX154

Car Subwoofer by Massive Audio GTX154

When you have a little more budget to get something powerful for your car audio, you should go for this subwoofer. The big 15-inch size of this subwoofer does an excellent job.

Although it is not the cheapest sub but if you can afford to pay a bit more, you will enjoy an excellent subwoofer for a long time.

When it comes to quality and features, it is better than all above models and comes from Massive Audio which is popular in manufacturing high-quality subwoofers like this.

The maximum power handling capacity is 1400 watts and RMS is 700 watts. It is great and you will hear a tight and crisp bass.

Magnet is big and has a beautiful, durable build. Unlike some other subs, when the volume is full, the speaker starts to rattle, it will never create any distortion.

In short, you will have a good and long-lasting experience with this subwoofer.

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Final Thoughts

These were some best and cheapest 15″ subwoofers. If you have a little budget, these could be a great choice. Here are only a few in low budget, so make a choice and get one before it runs away.

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