Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones Connected But No Sound [Android]

You may be facing the issue of Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones connected to your Android phone but no sound is coming.

The no-sound problem is caused by either the Android phone or the Bluetooth device. Therefore, we need to apply some tricks on both devices.

Sometimes the problem is temporary or due to the user’s negligence. For example, the phone is muted or the volume is low on the speaker or headphones.

However, the issue may be more complex like failed speakers on the device. But, do not worry and keep reading this article till the end.

Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones Connected But No Sound [Android]

This guide includes the best troubleshooting methods that promise to solve your issue.

1. Check the Volume

First of all, you need to turn ON the volume of your Android. Make sure the phone is not silent or muted. Increase the media volume to 100%.

Check the media volume from the audio settings on your phone. Similarly, check the volume level on your headphones or speaker.

Because the headphones are designed to lower the volume when playing music to protect your ears. Most headphones and earbuds feature a touch panel.

So, performing various functions on them requires touching the panel a certain number of times. Look for the exact method for your headphones to turn up the volume.

2. Reconnect Bluetooth

A quick trick is to disconnect both devices and reconnect them after some time.

  1. Disable Bluetooth on your Android and turn OFF your speaker or headphones.
  2. Restart your phone and turn ON Bluetooth.
  3. Now, power ON your Bluetooth device and connect it again to your phone.
  4. Repeat this trick 2 or 3 times. Hopefully, it will help you fix the no-sound issue.

3. Check the Settings on Your Android

Certain settings can stop your phone from playing sound from a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Your immediate task is to disable the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your Android. Likewise, check and turn OFF “Low power mode” and “Superpower saver”.

Because in these modes, your Android spends minimum power. So, it may not play audio on external devices.

Audio settings are of different types such as alarm, ringtone, and headset. Hence, turn ON the volume for media or headset from the settings.

4. Disable Other Bluetooth Devices

Sometimes it happens that your Android phone connects to some nearby Bluetooth device. It can also happen with the Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

They can automatically or unknowingly connect to a nearby device. So, turn OFF all the Bluetooth devices and make sure the speakers are connected to the right phone.

You can check this by going to ‘Settings>Bluetooth’ on your Android, here you can see the name of the connected device.

5. Reset the Speaker or Headphones

It is one of the best solutions to the no-sound issue. All you need to do is un-pair your headphones or speaker from the phone and then reset them. The process is as follows;

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Android phone and click the ‘Bluetooth’ tab.
  2. Next, tap the arrow icon or information button next to your speaker name.
  3. Choose the ‘Un-pair’ or ‘Forget’ option to disconnect the speaker permanently.
  4. Now, reset your speaker or headphones by following the guidelines given in the manual.
  5. The reset method for various brands of speakers and headphones is different. So, you need to find the exact method online.
  6. After the Bluetooth device is reset successfully, connect your phone again and check the sound.

6. Disconnect Audio Cables

Disconnect any wired headphones from your Android. Because they can halt the sound transmission.

Many speakers or headphones also come with an audio jack. So, you can connect an audio cable in addition to the wireless connection.

If both wired and wireless connections have been made, the device cannot work. Hence, remove audio cables from your speaker or headphones.

7. Update the Devices

One of the reasons behind the no-sound issue is outdated software. You may not have updated your Android for a long time.

Another possibility is that the audio playback app is outdated. Similarly, the Bluetooth speaker or headphones need a firmware update. So, you need to check for all updates.

  1. First, connect your Android to a reliable internet connection.
  2. Open ‘Settings’ on your Android and scroll to find the ‘System Update’ option.
  3. Install the latest firmware by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Go to the Play Store and search for the audio app your phone is using. Click the ‘Update’ button if it displays.
  5. Once the app is updated, play the audio and it should come through the headphones.

Likewise, you can also update the firmware of your speaker or headphones. Most of them are supported by an Android app.

  1. Find the specific app for your particular speaker or headphones.
  2. Install and launch the app, and keep both devices connected.
  3. Check for the latest software version in the app and download it.
  4. After doing this, check whether the sound is coming through the speaker or not.

8. Restart Your Android

A simple restart can solve many issues including the no sound problem. It removes junk files, cache, and software bugs. Thus, the efficiency of your device is improved.

  1. Turn OFF your Android phone by holding down the ‘Power’ button.
  2. Wait a few seconds and then turn it ON again by long-pressing the power button.
  3. Now, reboot your phone and reconnect to the Bluetooth speaker.
  4. Another trick is to turn ON the Airplane mode for a minute. You can access it from the drop-down menu or ‘Settings’.
  5. Disable the Airplane mode and pair with the Bluetooth device again.

Hopefully, one of these tricks will solve the no-sound issue.

9. Reset Your Android

If resetting the speaker or headphones does not work, try a reset on your phone. You can perform a soft reset that does not delete data but restores settings.

If this does not work then try a hard or factory reset but it will delete all the data on your phone. So, do not forget to backup your data to Google Drive or to another safe place.

The process is as follows;

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your Android phone and navigate to ‘Backup & Reset’.
  2. Click the tab and you will see different options here.
  3. Choose ‘Reset All Settings’, this will restore factory settings on your phone without deleting any data.
  4. Restart your phone and then pair it with the speaker or headphones again.
  5. If this does not work, perform a factory reset by following the same path. It will initialize your Android thus removing any software issue.

10. Test the Devices

In order to find out the real culprit, you need to test both devices individually. Disconnect your Android from any Bluetooth device and play an audio file on it or make a call.

If the sound plays well, your phone speaker is fine. Moreover, pair your phone to a different Bluetooth device to check if it sends audio successfully.

Now, perform these tests with your speaker or headphones. Connect them with a different device, a phone, or a computer to check their connection strength.

Another test is to insert an SD card or USB Flash Drive into your speaker. Almost, all Bluetooth speakers have this option.

Now, play an audio file through the data carrier. The device which fails one of these tests is defective.

11. Hardware Failure

The above-mentioned solutions must fix the problem. However, if they do not work, one of your devices is defective.

After performing our recommended tests, you can figure out which device needs repair. It may be your phone that has suffered a physical shock or water damage to its speakers.

Most probably, the fault is in the speaker or headphones. The audio drivers are defective or the mainboard is faulty.

An expert technician can help you diagnose the flawed component. A minor component can be replaced at a small cost.

Nevertheless, if the speakers have expired, their replacement can cost you equal to their original price. Hence, you need to make a wise decision.

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Final Words

In case, your speaker or headphones are new and under warranty, contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, consider replacing the old device.

You can purchase the best quality Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones from Amazon.

Replacing the Android speaker is not too expensive as compared to the original cost of the phone.

But, we again recommend you give a double try to all tricks given in this article. Because they promise to solve the software issues which is the immediate reason for no sound problem.

Surely, this article proved its worth in solving the problem of Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones connected to Android but no sound.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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