The Vizio Sound Bar Bass Too Loud

If your Vizio sound bar has too loud bass, you can set it by changing settings. More than usual bass is produced due to several reasons like change in settings or hardware issues.

There is no single cause of this issue. It depends whether you have Vizio 2.1 or Vizio 5.1 sound bar and when your bass goes too loud.

The Vizio Sound Bar Bass Too Loud

Methods to avoid too loud bass on Vizio sound bar

If you have Vizio 5.1 sound bar with surround sound feature, you may experience this issue sometimes. The simple solution is to turn OFF the surround sound and check whether it works or not.

To turn OFF the surround sound, press “Menu” button and go to “Audio”. Then go to “Surround Sound” and turn it OFF. Surround sound though produces excellent sound but a few people don’t like it and think that bass is going too loud.

You can also check this by turning the bass volume fully low.

In some cases, you turn the bass but it gets either too low or too high and you can’t get your desired level. It can be solved sometimes by resetting the sound bar or updating firmware.

The best solution is to either reset your Vizio sound bar or upgrade the firmware. You can read our guide to restore Vizio soundbar and take help from Vizio support to upgrade firmware.

If these tips don’t work for you and your Vizio sound bar still encounters too loud bass problem, you can contact Vizio support and explain the matter. They will guide you better according to the model of your Vizio sound bar.

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