10 Best Soundbars without Built-in Subwoofers 2022

The latest TV models are smart and slim. This design looks attractive and adds an aesthetic sense to your home. But, one drawback of modern televisions is that they do not give the best sound quality. Watching a giant picture with a meek sound is not a great idea. So, to enhance your listening experience you need to add an external audio device. A soundbar is the best choice if you wish to get an immersive sound effect. Soundbars without subwoofers are compact and slim and fit easily in a small space. Moreover, they are budget-friendly.

While selecting a soundbar for your TV, you should consider its size, sound quality, and advanced features. The compact soundbar can be easily placed in front of your TV without obstructing the view.

The sound quality should be great enough to provide an extra clear sound both at low and high frequencies. A soundbar equipped with all the modern features is an ideal gadget in 2022.

keeping in mind all the essential points, we searched for the best no-subwoofer soundbars of 2022. We have arranged a list for you and are introducing the best quality soundbar for your 2022 home or office.

This article will guide you in your selection of the best soundbar without a subwoofer. Here is a list of the top 10 soundbars for 2022.

1. Bestisan 6 Drivers TV Soundbar

Bestisan 6 Drivers TV Soundbar

Our best pick of soundbar without built-in subwoofer is Bestisan soundbar. It has everything that should be available in a good soundbar.

Bestian soundbar is a good match for a 40-65 inches TV. It is 40 inches soundbar with a sleek design.

Six built-in powerful drivers an excellent sound for a virtual experience. It delivers 3D surround sound with a smooth and well-balanced flow.

This upgraded version of Bestian soundbar gives a total of 100W power. It is equipped with 2 tweeters and 4 speakers. The soundstage is wider enough to fill your entire room with a thrilling sound.

It also has two built-in bass reflex tubes to enhance the bass. It gives an excellent sound with huge pictures. Enjoy your music, movies, and TV shows with powerful bass and crystal clear sound.

Another feature that makes this soundbar an ideal product in 2022 is its flawless audio transmission.

Bluetooth 5.0 allows wireless transmission at high speed. You do not face any interruptions due to its powerful anti-interference system. You even hear whispers and muddles voices clearly.

The remote control allows you to play sound in different modes. Moreover, the LED lights of different colors indicate the sound mode and source. So, setup and controls are convenient.

Additionally, the DSP technology provides you with three sound modes including music, movie, and news. Crisp dialogues enhance your movie experience. Switch between these modes to get a virtual sound effect each time.

Multiple connectivity options make this soundbar versatile. It comes with optical, AUX, RCA, and USB interfaces. It is the best soundbar for a home theater setup.

Furthermore, it shows high compatibility with Your TV. The synchronization process is quite easy. The purchase includes a wall mounting kit. So, you can place it in front of your TV or mount it on the wall.


  • 100W and 6 drivers soundbar
  • Deep bass with crisp sound
  • Well balanced sound in three modes
  • 3D stereo surround sound
  • Equipped with anti-distortion technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 allows flawless transmission
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Wall mounting kit comes in the box


  • Blue light in the middle of the bar may disturb you
  • Not compatible with universal remote

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2. Roku 4K HD Smart Soundbar

Roku 4K HD Smart Soundbar

Roku 4K Smart Soundbar also comes without built-in subwoofer. You get crystal clear sound and easy placement in front of your Led TV.

Roku is a versatile soundbar equipped with all the latest features. It comes with 4 speakers. The full-range speakers give exceptional sound in HD mode. It supports 4K HDR and Dolby audio. So, you enjoy a cinematic sound right at your home.

An amazing feature is that it comes with a built-in Roku player that gives you a lot of entertainment opportunities. The player includes free TV, news, sports, movies, and a lot more from a great number of channels.

You can stream any media from a collection of more than 150 free TV channels available on the Roku Channel. Moreover, you can opt for live and premium TV and Roku Originals. This soundbar gives you a whole lot of opportunities to explore the world with its best sound effect.

The high frequency and deep bass sound enhance your watch experience. In addition, you can adjust the sound and volume according to your own choice.

Roku soundbar offers you different sound modes including speech clarity, volume leveling, and night mode. The speech clarity mode boosts the volume to give you extra clear sounds.

While the volume leveling allows you to watch the commercials and news at lower volumes. You can enjoy your movie nights without disturbing others as Roku offers night mode.

Another amazing feature is that it supports different voice control services. Hence, you can control your bar with Siri, Alexa, and Google voice control

If you want to enjoy studio-like music, bring home Roku smart bar. It plays clear symphonies and thrilling music that vibrates your heart. You can stream music endlessly on your favorite channels. Bluetooth allows you to stream music wirelessly.

Further, a smart remote comes with a soundbar that is also compatible with a TV. Setup with TV is easy and you just require an HDMI cable.


  • A versatile soundbar
  • Comes with 4 full-range speakers
  • Deep bass and high-quality sound
  • Comes with a built-in Roku player
  • Allows three different sound modes
  • Roku player supports thousands of channels
  • Endless media and music streaming
  • Supports 4K HD
  • Easy setup with a TV
  • Offers voice control through different services


  • Does not allow output to Bluetooth devices
  • Supports stereo sound not surround sound
  • Does not support Wifi

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3. Bose Soundbar/ TV Speaker

Bose Soundbar/ TV Speaker

Bose is a smart soundbar with small dimensions. But, it is the best choice for a TV speaker. It is equipped with 2 angled full-range drivers. A central tweeter is specialized in enhancing the vocals.

It comes with built-in Dolby decoding. You get a virtual sound with a wider soundstage. It is specially designed for enhancing TV sounds. So, you enjoy clear crisp dialogues for the best movie experience.

The sound is realistic and vibrant. The advanced technology of Bose distinguishes ambient sounds from background audio. So, it enables you to hear whispers clearly. The sound is well-balanced and smooth and does not irritate your hearing.

Additionally, this soundbar supports Bluetooth. So, you can stream music and podcasts wirelessly. Wired connection with TV is very convenient. You just plug in the optical audio or an HDMI cable and get perfect synchronization.

You can place this soundbar in front of your TV as it does not obstruct your view. It is 2.21 inches high and 23.38 inches long. Moreover, you can mount this compact soundbar on the wall through wall mounting brackets.

It comes with efficient remote control. You can switch between different sound modes. Dialogue mode allows you to experience crystal clear dialogues. You can also adjust bass through the remote.

The LED light on the front panel changes color to indicate the sound mode or source. This feature helps you in adjusting different settings. In addition to Bose remote, this soundbar is compatible with your TV remote.

It is equipped with HDMI-CEC technology that displays easy synchronization. When you turn your TV on the soundbar also turns on automatically.

If you want to build a home theater, you can add Bose Bass module. On an affordable budget, you enjoy premium quality sound.


  • 2 full-range drivers
  • Central tweeter enhances the vocals
  • Equipped with Dolby decoding
  • Compact bar with small dimensions
  • Easy setup and synchronization with TV
  • Bass can be adjusted
  • Affordable price
  • Bluetooth supported


  • Bass is not comparable to soundbars with built-in subwoofers
  • The bar lacks physical buttons

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4. BESTISAN TV Sound Bar


Bestian soundbar is a good choice for a deep bass effect. It is equipped with dual full-range drivers. The powerful speakers deliver excellent sound.

It can fill your entire room with its virtual sound. An amazing feature of this soundbar is its dual bass port. The curved ports ensure clarity and intensity. Hence, you get a booming bass.

You enjoy equally well-balanced sound at higher and lower volumes. Its distortion-free technology delivers crystal clear dialogues. Whether you watch TV shows or listen to music, the sound is highly appreciable. You can also adjust the bass and treble for desired results.

Furthermore, DSP technology ensures clear audio at both high and low volumes. It offers 3 EQ sound modes including music, movie, and dialogue. So, it enhances your listening experience by giving virtual sound.

It comes with a remote control that allows multiple settings and control. It has a learning feature that can be used to connect with any other remote.

Additionally, the setup requires just a few minutes. The synchronization process is fast and efficient. It is the best choice for a casual watch experience.

The sound is near the surround sound. However, the bass is good enough to fill your entire room. Overall, Bestian is a good soundbar at an affordable cost.

Additionally, this soundbar comes with various connectivity ports. Optical, RCA, AUX, standard audio cable, and Bluetooth allow easy connection with your TV.

Bluetooth 5.0 transmission makes it a versatile soundbar. Along with TV, you can connect this smart bar with tablets, smartphones, and other Bluetooth devices. So, streaming music endlessly is just a touch away.

You can place it in front of your TV or can mount it on the wall. This elegant soundbar will be a decent addition to your smart home.


  • Equipped with dual bass ports
  • Dual full-range drivers
  • DSP technology gives clear sound
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Bluetooth 5.0 transmission
  • Easy synchronization with TV
  • 3 EQ settings for sound modes
  • Multiple connectivity options


  • At high volumes, produces a rattling sound if placed in the cabinet
  • Powers down after 4 to 5 seconds of audio loss

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5. Sonos Beam/TV Sound Bar

Sonos Beam/TV Sound Bar

Sonos Beam is one of the most popular soundbars. It is a compact and smart soundbar equally recommended for TV and music. The rich sound is the perfect match for your TV and enhances your listening experience.

Although this soundbar comes without a subwoofer yet it provides a powerful sound. The high-definition sound fills up the entire room and gives you a real sound effect. This bar is also suitable for bigger living rooms.

Just like Sonos playbar, Sonos Beam also offers different sound modes. It allows speech enhancement and night mode. Hence, you can play music or enjoy movie nights at a reasonable volume. Speech enhancement increases the clarity of the dialogue. Furthermore, it supports full HD and Dolby Digital audio, and all other audio formats.

It is a wonderful choice for a home theater system. If you want to get deeper bass, you can add Sonos One SL or Sonos Sub. Nevertheless, the beam alone gives you an exceptional sound.

It is equipped with many modern features. The Sonos Beam has a built-in Alexa. So, it allows voice controls through Amazon Alexa and is compatible with AirplayYou can play music, set alarms, and stream your favorite channels, etc. by giving voice commands.

Additionally, the beam also supports Sonos App which allows you to perform various functions. Another control option is remote. So, this smart versatile soundbar gives you multiple control options. Moreover, it is compact enough to be placed in a very small space.

The setup process is quite easy and requires just a few minutes. This bar shows high compatibility with any TV brand and synchronizes easily.

The cost is not too high and the features are amazing. Overall, it is one of the best soundbars in 2022.


  • Supports Dolby Digital audio
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The best choice for TV and music
  • A good addition to home theater setup
  • Built-in Alexa for voice control
  • Supports Sonos App and remote


  • Shifting between different input sources may be annoying
  • The soundstage is not too wide

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6. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Bose soundbar is another best choice for your TV. This solo bar gives high-quality sound comparable to TV speakers. You have two input options including digital and analog.

You just need to take it out of the box and connect it to your TV in seconds. It detects whether the input is digital or analog and synchronizes the sound accordingly.

You can switch to dialogue mode for more clarity. This mode gives you crystal clear audio with enhanced quality. You can even hear muddled sounds. The soundbar automatically distinguishes the dialogues from background noises or music. So, you get ambient dialogues. In addition, it offers regular and standard sound modes.

This advanced bar is equipped with Bluetooth. So, you can connect it to other devices in addition to the TV. Bluetooth connectivity allows streaming music wirelessly from multi-media devices.

The deep bass makes your watch more enjoyable. Adjust the volume from scene to scene to add more fun.

Connectivity ports include optical audio input, Coaxial input, and aux input. This bar offers easy controls via a universal remote. Besides performing basic functions, you can adjust volume, bass, and Bluetooth connection through remote control.

Although, it has no subwoofer yet gives high-definition sound. Bose Solo 5 is a compact and smart soundbar. It has small dimensions and lightweight. But, you still get a lively sound.

This elegant soundbar is an excellent choice for a smart home in 2022. If placed in front of the TV, it does not obstruct the view as it has a flat design. Moreover, you can mount it on the wall using a WB-120 wall mount.


  • A multi-purpose soundbar
  • A great sound for music, movie, etc.
  • An ideal choice for TV
  • Easy setup process
  • Offers both digital and analog input
  • Dialogue mode delivers excellent sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact, smart and flat design


  • Automatically turns off when no coverage
  • No output option to add a subwoofer

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7. Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Bose 700 is one of the most advanced soundbars in 2022. It is equipped with lots of modern features. You enjoy the best sound effect with deep bass.

A louder and clearer sound provides you with an immersive experience. You enjoy surround sound without subwoofers. However, you can add a subwoofer for deeper bass.

This soundbar supports Bose Music App that allows you to stream music endlessly. Moreover, this smart bar features built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. It is equipped with an advanced mic system that distinguishes your voice from other noises and responds promptly. So, everything is just a command away.

Alexa voice control allows many functions such as controlling the soundbar, your cable box, and your TV. Moreover, you can make or take calls hands-free through Alexa. It also allows connectivity with Bose smart products and Amazon Echo products.

Bose smart soundbar offers many connectivity options. It supports Wifi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and Spotify. So, you can avail either option to stream music or movies. These modern features make it an amazing and versatile soundbar.

Further, control options are more wonderful. In addition to Music App and Alexa voice control, a universal remote offers convenient control.

If you wish to build a home theater setup, you can connect Bose smart speakers and soundbars. Bose 700 soundbar comes from Bose smart family and is highly compatible with other Bose devices.

Despite the latest version, this soundbar offers a hassle-free setup. It easily synchronizes to any media device. Bluetooth makes connection easier and smooth.

The sleek design, metal grill, and glass top make this soundbar an elegant choice for your home. HDMI ARC, eARC, CEC, USB, and Optical audio output offer easy connectivity. This 38.5 inches soundbar is the best match for larger TVs.


  • Most versatile modern soundbar
  • An immersive surround sound
  • Features a lot of control options
  • Comes with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supported by Bose Smart app
  • Universal context-sensitive remote
  • Voice control for TV, soundbar, cable box, phone calls
  • Compatible with AirPlay and Spotify
  • Supports Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Easy synchronization and setup


  • An expensive soundbar
  • Manual does not give full information on setup

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8. Wohome S19 TV Soundbar 

Wohome S19 TV Soundbar 

Wohome S19 is a powerful 2.0CH soundbar. It is equipped with 4 full-range speakers and 2 tweeters, 10W each. The combined power of all drivers delivers 100dB sound and total 80W output. You get a crisp and loud sound with a wider soundstage.

There is no need to connect a subwoofer. The advanced DSP technology gives you an amazing sound experience. You can adjust the bass and treble.

Furthermore, it offers different sound modes including movies, music, and standard mode. Movie mode ensures precise and clear dialogues. Music mode enhances the bass to deliver ideal symphonies. While standard mode normalizes the sound for news, shows, etc. Hence, you enjoy a virtual sound with full clarity.

Physical connectivity options include optical, AUX, and USB. In addition, it supports Bluetooth 5.0. So, you can stream wirelessly from any device. The transmission quality and speed are great. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet in an open area. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo through a Bluetooth connection.

This 34 inches soundbar is suitable for 34 inches as well as for larger TVs. It easily synchronizes with each TV model and brand. Additionally, it is compatible with projectors, PCs, laptops, DVDs, PS4, smartphones, and many more. Hence, you can use this smart bar for multiple purposes.

In addition to buttons, the remote offers convenient control. Remote works from a distance of 4-6 meters. However, the Wohome soundbar is not compatible with universal or TV remotes.

Wall mounting kit is provided in the box. You can also place it in the cabinet or in front of the TV as it has a flat design.

At an affordable cost, this soundbar is a great choice for your 2022 home. The company offers technical support to customers and also ensures 100% customer satisfaction.


  • 2.0CH smart soundbar
  • Equipped with 6 drivers
  • 4 full-range speakers and 2 tweeters
  • 100dB sound with 80W output
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Compatible with multi-media devices
  • DSP technology
  • Three sound modes


  • Does not support Dolby and DTS
  • Not compatible with universal or TV remote

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9. Sony S100F Soundbar

Sony S100F Soundbar

Sony soundbar is a 2.0CH soundbar. It creates a home theater for you. It is equipped with 2 built-in tweeters and powerful speakers.

The bass-reflex speakers ensure deep and loud sound. The sound clarity is wonderful. The total output power is 120W. This no-subwoofer soundbar delivers equally amazing sound at low and high volumes.

This slim soundbar can fit anywhere. It is the best choice for small spaces. But, that does not mean a small sound. Despite its compact size, it has the power to fill the entire room with its vibrating sound. The 37.8 inches size is ideal for larger TVs.

Additionally, it has a voice enhancement feature that enhances your audio experience. You get clear and ambient dialogues. This soundbar is a good choice for listening to music. Its deep bass and loud sound play real symphonies.

The S-force pro surround sound provides you with an immersive experience. It is also suitable for professional use like making and taking conference calls.

Moreover, the remote allows easy control. You can perform various functions using the remote control. Further, it is also compatible with the TV remote.

HDMI ARC allows a convenient setup with TV. The synchronization is very good and transmission is smooth. Sony soundbar also supports Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Moreover, you can also stream music via USB.

So, in addition to TV, you can connect this soundbar to other media devices. The setup process is hassle-free. It seamlessly integrates with your TV.

Another plus point is that the cost is affordable. Overall, Sony S100F is a good choice for enhancing the sound of your TV.

Along with the Sony soundbar, the purchase includes remote commander, batteries, Optical and AC cords, wall mount template, warranty card, user manual, and setup guide.


  • 2.0CH soundbar
  • Powerful speakers and 2 built-in tweeters
  • 120W output power
  • Equipped with voice enhancement feature
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB
  • East setup and control
  • Affordable cost and high-quality


  • Bass needs improvement
  • Bass and treble are not adjustable

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10. VIZIO SB2920-C6 Sound Bar

VIZIO SB2920-C6 Sound Bar

VIZIO is a 2.0 channel soundbar. It is the best soundbar for TV as it enhances the sound effect. This no subwoofer soundbar gives a deep bass and crystal clear sound.

The 29 inches body of this soundbar is compatible with small and medium-sized TVs. This soundbar has a compact and sleek design that fits perfectly in a 2022 home. It delivers 95dB sound providing you a home theater experience.

It is equipped with full-range speakers. The stereo surround sound gives you an ideal sound experience. Furthermore, DTS technology delivers wonderful audio. DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume add more to your entertainment experience.

The total harmonic distortion is less than 1% that guarantees a smooth flow of sound. So, you enjoy the premium quality sound with music, movies, and TV shows.

Additionally, this soundbar features Bluetooth that allows wireless streaming. You can connect your soundbar to any Bluetooth device. Along with TV, it is also compatible with tablets, PCs, smartphones, projectors, and many other devices.

You can also connect this soundbar to your TV using cables. The setup process is quick and easy. It easily synchronizes to your TV and gives smooth transmission.

The soundbar has buttons for basic control options. In addition, the remote control also comes with Vizio soundbar that can be used to perform many functions. You can adjust volume, switch to different input sources, and can control audio through remote.

It also has an energy-saving system. When it does not receive audio signals for some time, it turns off automatically.

This smart bar can be placed on the table using a stand. You can also mount it on the wall for a seamless configuration. You get a good quality sound at a reasonable price.


  • 2.0CH soundbar
  • DTS technology gives crystal clear sound
  • Recommended for the TV
  • Easy setup and synchronization
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Compact and smart soundbar
  • Compatible with multi-media devices


  • Turns off after a brief period of inactivity
  • Does not work with the TV remote

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Final Words

Bestian 6 drivers soundbar is our top pick. It is equipped with all the modern features that are needed in 2022. However, the list contains 9 other amazing soundbars. You can choose according to your need and budget. We have arranged all these soundbars hierarchically based on features, rating, and version. So, you may get an honest review of each product.

Hope our effort would lead you in the right direction. Stay connected and give us your precious feedback. Decide and choose the best soundbar without subwoofer so that you could enjoy enhanced clarity in dialogues and slim look of the soundbar.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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