10 Best Soundbars With Wireless Rear Speakers [Sep 2022]

Smart and slim TVs are trending nowadays. But, they compromise on sound quality. So, you need to connect an external sound system to your TV. Similarly, laptops, projectors, and other such devices also need audio support to produce a true surround sound. So, this article has brought some best soundbars with wireless rear speakers that you can go for.

Why I Prefer a Soundbar Over a Speaker

According to my opinion, soundbars are the best solutions to upgrade the audio of smart media devices. Because a soundbar is a slim and stylish device equipped with the latest technology. The sleek and stylish soundbar perfectly synchronizes with the TV or any other device.

Previously, I was using ordinary speakers to enhance my TV sound. Frankly speaking, I had to put real effort into placing and hiding them. Because they did not look decent and occupied too much space in my home theater.

Moreover, the sound quality was not great enough. The common speakers are not equipped with advanced features like Bluetooth, Alexa, and others. So, I decided to replace my older speakers with a brand new soundbar. But, this time I also added rear speakers to get a real immersive experience.

If you want true surround sound, you should purchase a soundbar with wireless rear speakers. Rear speakers enhance the audio to the next level. They provide you with immersive sound effects.

Best Soundbars With Wireless Rear Speakers

Nevertheless, it might be difficult for you to find out the perfect soundbar with rear speakers. So, the Speakersmag team of experts has conducted comprehensive research to pick up the best soundbars.

This article lists the 10 best soundbars with wireless rear speakers and will also explore the specs of each soundbar. Since I give honest reviews, the article will also inform you about the drawbacks of each product.

1. JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar

JBL 5.1 is really an amazing soundbar with wireless rear speakers. If you want an earthshaking and bombastic sound, JBL 5.1 is an excellent choice for you.

It supports 4K Ultra HD and produces Dolby digital audio. It is also compatible with Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS. In addition, the JBL 5.1 comes with a Multibeam technology that gives virtual surround sound effects.

This soundbar is specially designed for music and bass lovers. It enhances your movie experience to the next level. Crystal clear dialogues make you feel immersed in the scene. Moreover, it is the best match for gaming consoles.

It has a unique design that excels in its performance over its counterparts. The JBL 5.1 soundbar comes with two detachable wireless speakers. A total of 510W output power is enough to create an exceptional sound.

In addition, a 10-inch subwoofer adds more to your listening experience. It has a room correction feature that boosts audio performance.

It has a lot of connectivity options. The soundbar is equipped with 3 HDMI inputs including 1 HDMI ARC out. Furthermore, it has analog, Optical, and USB ports.

Bluetooth connection is also available for wireless connectivity. It works well with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other media devices.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that runs up to 10 hours. The soundbar works with any TV remote. So, you can avoid the hassle of separate remote controls for each device.

Additionally, it has the JBL Soundshift feature which allows you to conveniently switch between different sound sources. You can stream media from Youtube, Pandora, and other latest streaming services.

It is worth the price as it offers you all the required features. The setup process is hassle-free and the placement is convenient.

This elegant and stylish soundbar synchronizes perfectly with any device.  It is an all-in-one sound solution with versatile features.

Salient Features

  • JBL 5.1 sound system is ideal to deliver a bombastic and earthshaking sound
  • It supports 4K UHD, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Multibeam technology
  • Multiple connectivity ports including HDMI, ARC Out, USB, Optical, and Bluetooth
  • Offers elegance, style, latest technology, and quality sound


  • An all-in-one sound solution
  • A 5.1 channel soundbar
  • 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Digital Support
  • Virtual surround sound effect
  • Earthshaking bass and best synchronization
  • 3 HDMI inputs including 1 HDMI ARC
  • The ideal rear speaker soundbar for all devices
  • Detachable speakers and wireless subwoofer
  • Great output power; 510W
  • Works with the JBL Soundshift app
  • Unique and stylish design


  • Gets noisy at the loudest volumes
  • Does not support Wifi

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2. Polk Audio Max Soundbar

Polk Audio has specialized in manufacturing high-quality soundbars. The Polk Audio Command soundbar is an elegant choice for your home theater system.

This soundbar is equipped with wireless rear speakers and gives a surround sound. In addition, a 7.5-inch subwoofer also accompanies the soundbar. It gives a deep bass and high-definition sound.

The sub raises the lower frequency to a significant height. So, you get an immersive sound experience out of this smart audio solution. It features built-in Dolby and DTS. This amazing feature ensures virtual surround sound.

Polk Audio soundbar is 4K HDTV compatible. It transmits high-resolution audio for a real listening effect. This smart soundbar has all the modern features. It’s a multipurpose rear speaker soundbar.

It has a built-in Amazon Alexa. You can control the soundbar through your voice. It also allows for building a multi-room setup.

Moreover, it also comes with built-in support for Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, TuneIn, and many other streaming services.

It is compatible with the Fire TV stick. You can stream music, media, shows, movies, and TV channels endlessly. It has an automatic update feature for the latest versions.

It is a one-setup device. Both tabletop and wall-mount options are included. The soundbar has a keyhole to get mounted on the wall. This soundbar is an ideal choice to upgrade the TV sound. Moreover, it also works with other media devices.

The connectivity options include dual HDMI 2.0 inputs and one HDMI output. Additionally, it is Bluetooth and Wifi supported. These connections offer you a lot of wireless streaming options. At a reasonable price, these latest features are real blessings.

The soundbar is equipped with Voice Adjustment Technology. You can customize the sound according to your choice. The dialogues are crystal clear and it delivers minute audio details.

Salient Features

  • It is equipped with built-in DTS and Dolby to ensure virtual surround sound
  • Polk Audio is a classy sound system that gives luxury look to your home theater
  • It features integrated Alexa, Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and supports streaming devices
  • Multiple connectivity options, dual HDMI 2.0 input, and one HDMI out


  • Dolby and DTS support
  • 4K HD compatible
  • Comes with wireless rear speakers and a subwoofer
  • True Surround sound
  • Bluetooth and Wifi enabled
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Supports all the popular streaming services
  • Built-in support for Fire TV Stick


  • Lacks fully-fledged Alexa
  • Bass needs improvement

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3. Sonos Beam Soundbar 

The Sonos Beam is one of the best soundbars with wireless rear speakers. As compared to other similar soundbars, this one is a low-budget device with the latest features.

The sound quality is excellent. So, you get a real surround sound effect. Although the sound and bass are good yet it does not deliver an earthshaking bass. Likewise, this smart soundbar is equipped with 4 full-range drivers, and one tweeter.

Moreover, there are 3 passive radiators and 5 class-D amplifiers. The drivers and radiators are located at the front and rear sides. So, they create an immersive sound.

This compact and slim soundbar is easy to place anywhere. It is an elegant choice for your smart home. This 25.6 inches soundbar is suitable for 32 inches and larger TVs and perfectly synchronizes with the TV.

It has built-in Amazon Alexa for voice control. Further, the soundbar is equipped with 5 far-field microphones and responds to your voice commands readily.

So, you can stream music just by giving voice commands. It also supports Apple AirPlay streaming. The soundbar offers night mode to lower the volume for avoiding disturbance.

It has HDMI ARC which ensures the best audio transmission. In addition, it also comes with an Ethernet port. Whether you connect the soundbar to the TV or want to enjoy music, the sound is equally amazing.

Moreover, it is supported by an iOS app-Sonos App. You can download this app on your smartphone to control the soundbar easily. The remote control is also available for more control options.

Furthermore, the bar itself also has a touch-sensitive control panel. It allows you to perform basic functions like volume, off/on, and source selection. The LED indicator is helpful for knowing the status of the soundbar.

The setup process is easy and hassle-free. It is also a good choice for a multi-room setup.

Salient Features

  • Its built-in rear speakers give surround sound from a compact design
  • Features 4 full-range drivers, 3 passive radiators, 1 tweeter, and 5 Class-D amplifiers
  • You get built-in Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay streaming with this soundbar
  • Sonos Beam also comes with HDMI ARC which is a must for controlling multiple devices with a single remote


  • A smart and compact soundbar
  • Supported by Sonos App
  • An ideal choice for a multi-room setup
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Affordable cost and good performance


  • Lacks Dolby Atmos
  • Bass is not ideal
  • The subwoofer is not included

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4. Roku 4K/HDR Streambar

Roku Streambar is a very smart and versatile soundbar. This is one of the best soundbars with wireless rear speakers. Its audio performance is excellent. The clear dialogues enhance your movie experience.

This 2.4lbs and 14 inches soundbar has enough power to give you an immersive sound effect. Its small dimension does not hinder the audio performance. The bass is really good for the price and size.

It is a great choice to enhance your TV sound. However, it is not ideal for the home theater because of its small dimensions. But, its compact design allows greater portability and requires little space.

The most amazing feature of this bar is that it comes with a built-in 4K streaming device. So, you can enjoy a great number of TV channels including Roku Originals. It also offers free, live, premium TV channels.

The Roku Streambar is equipped with 4 internal speakers that give a room-filling sound. It supports Dolby Audio. Moreover, it has an integrated Roku OS system that elevates the audio to the next level. So, the sound automatically synchronizes with the content.

It also has sound settings for lowering the commercial volume. In addition, the night mode is useful if you do not want to awake others.

It comes with a voice remote that makes control easy. You can perform all the functions by giving voice commands.

Moreover, the purchase includes all the accessories. You just need to connect and turn on the device to enjoy movies or TV. It is Bluetooth and Wifi enabled. So, you can play media from various devices.

The physical connectivity options include HDMI and USB. Furthermore, it is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Hey Google and supports popular streaming services.

In terms of budget, it is less expensive and highly versatile than other smart soundbars.

Salient Features

  • Roku soundbar is equipped with wireless satellite speakers integrated into its compact design
  • It is a stream bar beside a soundbar because it has a built-in 4K streaming device and access to more than 150 TV channels
  • It also supports popular voice assistants and streaming services and comes with a voice remote


  • Super smart soundbar
  • A versatile sound solution
  • Great sound for the size and price
  • Highly portable and best for small spaces
  • Bluetooth and Wifi compatibility
  • Automatic audio enhancement technology


  • Not very ideal for home theater setup
  • Compact design is not suitable for larger spaces

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5. Klipsch Cinema 800 Soundbar

Klipsch Cinema 800 Dolby Atmos 3.1 Sound Bar

The Klipsch Cinema 800 soundbar was launched in 2020. In a very short period, this soundbar got popular among audio lovers.

This is a 3.1 sound system and delivers a well-balanced sound. Equipped with 7 speakers, Klipsch is an amazing audio setup. It is ideal for different types of audio content.

If you are looking for a good soundbar with rear speakers, the Klipsch is an amazing choice for home theater. A 10-inch wireless subwoofer also comes with this soundbar.

The dedicated subwoofer ensures a deep bass. The soundbar gives an immersive sound effect. It performs well for a large audience. It also offers voice adjustment features. You can adjust the audio for movies, TV, and music. Its dialogue clarity enhances your listening experience.

This bar is 48 inches and is best for larger TVs. Moreover, it gives a total of 800W output power which produces a surprisingly loud sound. It supports 5.1 Decoding and gives virtual surround sound. Built-in Dolby Digital produces crystal clear dialogues.

It is equipped with HDMI ARC to make a reliable connection with your TV and other media devices. 3.55mm Aux and Optical are also available. You get all these features at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, it is Bluetooth enabled and the subwoofer can be connected via Bluetooth. The design is expandable and you can add 3 surround speakers.

Remote control with LED buttons accompanies the soundbar. The setup process is quite easy and hassle-free. It is compatible with Klipsch Connect App for iOS and Android.

This soundbar has an elegant design and is a premium addition to your home. The manufacturing material is of high class. Moreover, it is 2.9 inches high and can be conveniently placed under your TV. The wall mounting package also comes with a soundbar. So, you can mount it on the wall.

Salient Features

  • Klipsch Cinema 800 is a 45 inches soundbar and comes with a 10-inch subwoofer, so, ideal for a larger audience
  • It integrates 7 speakers and has an expandable design to make a 5.1 channel system
  • The 48-inch soundbar and bass subwoofer combo is ideal for audiophiles
  • All features are packed at a reasonable price


  • Best for home theater setup
  • The dedicated subwoofer gives deep bass
  • A total of 800W output power
  • 3.1 soundbar with 7 speakers
  • Expandable design up to 5.1 channel
  • Voice enhancement feature
  • Best for the budget


  • Does not support Dolby Atmos
  • Sound is not ideally immersive
  • Lacks bass and treble adjustment

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6. Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar 

Yamaha YAS- 209BL is the latest soundbar equipped with many amazing features. It comes with a wireless subwoofer. The powerful sub gives a deep bass. The bar itself is 36.5 inches and is ideal for larger TVs. It contains a total of 7 speakers including the subwoofer.

Its sleek and elegant design is a beautiful addition to your home. The price is affordable and the performance is excellent. This soundbar is an all-in-one and worth buying device.

It has two HDMI ports, one for making a connection with a video player. The other is HDMI ARC-the most reliable connection for TV. This ensures a virtual sound effect without any lag. An optical digital link is another connectivity option.

Moreover, it also has an Ethernet port to connect to Wifi. So, you can stream music and media endlessly. Bluetooth is also available in this soundbar. This gives you the opportunity to connect with various devices like smartphones, tablets, PC, and many more.

Another great feature is Alexa voice control which offers you hands-free streaming. It has integrated 2 microphones to listen to your voice efficiently. It also works with Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and many more. Thus, you have a lot of streaming options.

The soundbar offers various EQ modes such as movies, TV, music, gaming, sports, and stereo. You can play the audio according to your own choice.

It synchronizes the audio with the content to give you a real listening experience. The crystal clear dialogue enhances your movie experience. It supports DTS Virtual: X and gives a 3D surround sound.

The remote control is not ordinary and is better than those available with other soundbars. You can set up this bar by using the Yamaha Soundbar Controller app. This app is compatible with iOS and Android. On a low budget, these features are real blessings.

Salient Features

  • Yamaha is a complete package with all the latest features including rear speakers
  • It has Amazon Alexa built-in and is compatible with various streaming services and apps
  • It gives 3D surround sound and also supports DTS Virtual:X with crystal clear dialogues
  • Equipped with multiple connectivity options, HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, and Wifi


  • Equipped with rear speakers
  • Comes with a powerful subwoofer
  • Deep bass, clear dialogues
  • Various sound modes
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 2 HDMI ports including HDMI ARC
  • Bluetooth and Wifi enabled
  • Best for the budget


  • Does not support multi-room music feature
  • Does not have an on-screen display
  • No subwoofer

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7. TOPVISION Stereo Soundbar

TOPVISION Stereo Soundbar

Topvision is another excellent soundbar with rear speakers. This soundbar gives you stereo surround sound. Whether you want to upgrade the TV sound or home theater setup, Topvision is equally a good choice.

It does not come with a subwoofer. But, it satisfies you with its deep bass and high-quality audio. Equipped with full-range speakers, this soundbar delivers an immersive sound experience.

It works well with traditional and contemporary devices. This soundbar offers a lot of connectivity options. It comes with Coaxial, RCA AUX, Optical, and 3.5mm inputs. Additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 for a reliable wireless connection.

Place it under the TV for best synchronization. This 39-inch soundbar is the best match for larger TVs. In addition, it is also compatible with gaming consoles, media players, laptops, smartphones, PC, and tablets.

Its frequency response ranges from 60Hz to 15KHz. A total of 60W output power is given by this soundbar. It features DSP technology. So, you can enhance the sound to match the content.

The sound settings include movie, dialogue, and music mode. The dialogue mode enhanced the dialogue clarity by canceling the background noises. Similarly, the movie mode produces an immersive sound effect. The music mode delivers perfect melodies.

The soundbar has a sleek and stylish design. The front is covered by a metal mesh. It adds aesthetic value to your home.

The most amazing offer is that the manufacturer offers lifetime technical assistance. The package is complete with all the essential accessories.

Along with the soundbar, the purchase includes a remote control, 3.55mm audio, RAC cable, connecting and digital optical cable, power adapter, user manual, and mounting kit.

Salient Features

  • TopVision is a 39-inch elegant soundbar, compatible with all types of devices
  • It supports DSP technology, integrated full-range speakers, and delivers immersive sound in 3 modes
  • It features Bluetooth 5.0, various wireless and wired connectivity options


  • Equipped with powerful rear speakers
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Convenient setup and control
  • A complete package with all accessories
  • Lifetime technical support from the company


  • Does not work with the TV remote
  • Lacks subwoofer and HDMI
  • Not recommended for high-grade TVs

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8. VIZIO SB3651-F6 5.1 Soundbar

VIZIO SB3651-E6B 5.1 Soundbar

The Vizio SB3651-F6 is a 5.1 channel soundbar. This is a pre-owned product but is Amazon tested and verified in terms of performance. The great advantage of this device is its low cost. But, it does not compromise on features and audio quality.

In addition to satellite rear speakers, a wireless subwoofer also comes with this soundbar. This is a perfect choice for a home theater setup. It gives a booming bass and vivid sound. The immersive sound effect makes you feel right in the center of the scene.

Furthermore, it supports Dolby and DTS audio formats. It is really a game-changer for the price and performance. The wireless connection offers a wide range. So, you can place the subwoofer at a significant distance without affecting the transmission quality.

It is equipped with an HDMI ARC connection. Vizio is Bluetooth and Wifi supported. Moreover, it has the VIZIO Smart Cast app. This app allows you to control the soundbar via Wifi. Another awesome feature is the built-in Google Chromecast. This allows you to stream music and media endlessly.

It gives the sound as loud as up to 101dB. Both the low and high ends are wonderful. It even works with a 50Hz frequency. So, you do not miss the whispers and sighs.

The front panel contains LEDs to indicate the input source. The remote displays text and informs you about the input source. It also works with the TV remote. Moreover, each speaker can be adjusted separately. It has a dedicated center speaker for dialogue enhancement.

Although it is a pre-owned product yet it has a sleek and beautiful appearance. It comes with a 90-day Amazon-Renewed guarantee.

So, the purchase is reliable and you find ample time to test the product. The purchase includes all the essential items needed for setup and control.

Salient Features

  • It is a complete 5.1 channel system with satellite rear speakers and a bass subwoofer
  • Supports Dolby, DTS audio formats, and surround sound
  • A low-cost sound system, equipped with all the desired features
  • Excellent both for music, TV shows, and other purposes


  • Booming bass and immersive sound
  • Bluetooth and Wifi supported
  • Built-in Google Chromecast
  • Vizio Smart Cast app for wireless streaming
  • Gives true surround sound
  • A 90 days replacement guarantee


  • Lip sync problem with 5.1 channel audio source
  • Turns off automatically after a brief period of inactivity
  • A used product and every unit may not be perfect

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9. Wohome 2.1 channel Soundbar

Wohome 2.1 channel Soundbar

WOHOME is a 2.1 channel soundbar. It comes with 4 built-in full-range speakers. Each speaker is 2-inch and gives a 15W output power.

Moreover, the soundbar comes with a 5.5-inch subwoofer. The sub enhances the bass and low frequencies to the next level. The single soundbar and subwoofer each produce 60W power, hence a total of 120W.

Its rear speakers and 95dB loudness ensure a surround sound. The voice clarity and bass are excellent. It is equipped with 2 bass reflex tubes for creating a deep bass effect. This makes an ideal choice for larger spaces.

This soundbar is the best match for upgrading TV sound. It works well with all brands of TVs. The 28-inch soundbar perfectly synchronizes with the larger TVs.

In addition, it is also suitable for music, gaming, and media. You can connect it to PS4, laptops, tablets, smartphones, PC, and all other media devices. It gives you a real immersive experience.

The connectivity options are versatile enough. It is equipped with optical, HDMI ARC, USB, and AUX input. Wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth 5.0 which gives a wide array of around 30 feet.

This latest version of Bluetooth makes a reliable connection with faster transmission. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo. DSP technology offers you the best audio for movie, music, and dialogue clarity.

The soundbar offers different sound modes including music, movie, news, and normal. In addition, the remote control can adjust bass and treble. The setup process is easy and hassle-free.

The box contains optical cable, 3.5mm cable, and RCA cable. The purchase also includes a complete wall mounting kit. The company offers lifetime technical and professional support. You can contact the manufacturer via Amazon message or by direct email.

Overall, the soundbar is best for the budget in terms of performance.

Salient Features

  • A 2.1 channel soundbar with a stylish subwoofer and 4 full-range integrated speakers
  • DSP technology to enhance the sound effect and rear speakers for stereo Surround sound
  • It features 30 feet Bluetooth array with smooth transmission and multiple connectivity options including HDMI ARC


  • A wireless subwoofer for deep bass
  • 120W total output power
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Best for upgrading TV sound
  • Suitable for various media devices


  • Does not work with the universal TV remote
  • Some customers find the ON/OFF ringtone noisy

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10. BESTISAN Home Theater Soundbar

BESTISAN Home Theater Soundbar

Bastian soundbar comes from the MEGACRA brand. This powerful soundbar alone gives an ideal sound effect. It comes with rear speakers and produces a stereo surround sound.

Although, it has no subwoofer yet it is a complete audio solution in a single soundbar. This Bastian soundbar is equipped with 2 full-range speakers. In addition, it has integrated 2 tweeter drivers. The 95dB output gives expansive and room-filling audio.

Deep bass is produced by 2 effective bass tubes. It gives a total of 80W output that is good for compact spaces. Compatibility with 4K TVs and devices is a great feature of this smart soundbar. It gives an excellent mid and low range in a small room.

Additionally, features DSP technology to enhance sound effects. The movie, music, and dialogue modes ensure a real audio experience. You enjoy crystal clear dialogues and cinematic sound.

The Bastian soundbar has a stylish and sleek body. It perfectly synchronizes with all types of devices. Moreover, the remote is of high quality and very responsive. The bass and treble are also adjustable.

The connectivity options are both wired and wireless. RCA, AUX, and Optical ports are the physical connections. All the corresponding cables also come with the purchase.

The wireless connection is Bluetooth 4.2. It gives a wide transmission range of up to 33 feet. So, you can connect this smart soundbar with any device. It allows you to stream through your smartphone by making a Bluetooth connection.

In addition to the soundbar itself, the box also contains a remote, power adapter, optical and audio cable, wall mounting accessories, user manual, and service card. The company quickly responds to technical help requests.

The price is affordable and the performance is up to the mark. It competes with expensive brands in terms of sound quality.

Salient Features

  • Bestisan features 3 sound modes, Stereo surround sound, and DSP technology
  • An all-in-one sound solution, best for the budget, smartness, and quality
  • It has integrated rear speakers, a portable design, and 4K compatibility


  • Bluetooth 4.2 supported
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • A convenient and efficient remote
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • A complete package with all the accessories
  • Best for TVs and works with 4K sources


  • Small size is not ideal for large spaces
  • The high range is not ideal
  • No subwoofer

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In this article, I have listed the 10 best soundbars with rear speakers. You must have some questions in your mind regarding the soundbars. So, here I will address some of the frequently asked queries.

Why rear speakers are important?

Rear speakers are used for delivering an immersive sound effect. They also enhance clarity and ensure well-defined audio. So, they are important to upgrade your home theater to the next level and to get maximum audio output.

Where should I place my rear speakers?

as the name suggests, the rear speakers are placed behind your sitting position facing the opposite wall. They should be elevated a foot or 2 from the floor to reach the ear level. While placing them behind your couch, maintain a reasonable distance to get the best audio.

Can I add rear speakers to my existing soundbar?

Yes, it is possible to add rear speakers to your soundbar. However, you need to check the soundbar capability and compatibility.

It is better to buy the rear speakers from the same brand to make a perfect combo. Since soundbars are wireless, you can connect rear speakers through an AV receiver.

Can I convert ceiling speakers into rear speakers?

You can place the ceiling speakers behind the sitting area in your home theater. They will give the surround sound effect like rear speakers. However, your amplifier should support surround sound.

Can I use front speakers as rear speakers?

Yes, the front speakers can be used as rear speakers by placing them behind your couch. However, if you have tower speakers in front, making them rear speakers will not give the same audio quality. In this case, you need to use the bookshelf speakers as front speakers. So, the audio quality changes singnificantly.

Why should I choose a soundbar with HDMI ARC?

HDMI ARC can transmit both audio and video signals from a single cable. A soundbar with HDMI ARC connects to the TV through a single HDMI cable ensuring a high-speed and better quality data transmission. Further, it allows you to control both devices with the same remote.

Which type of connection is best for a soundbar?

HDMI is the best connection for a soundbar as it ensures premium quality data transmission with minimum lag and loss. A wireless connection such as Bluetooth is not ideal for pairing with the TV.

However, go for it if you want a seamless setup. A good soundbar should have multiple connectivity options with frequent ports.

How many channels are ideal for a sound system?

An ideal home theater sound system has 5.1 channels with separate speakers and subwoofers. However, a 3 channel soundbar is also good. Soundbars with integrated subwoofer and rear speakers are ideal for compact spaces and a small budget. But, the audio quality will be compromised to some extent.

Final Words

If you want to purchase the best soundbar with wireless rear speakers, this article is a complete guide. In the list, I included soundbars from all categories e.g. affordable-cost, pre-owned products, with an external or integrated subwoofer, smart and larger soundbars.

But, all the products are of premium quality. I concentrate on audio performance and durability. I prefer JBL 5.1 soundbar as it is a budgeted choice with all the features, elegant look, and premium audio quality.

However, you can freely choose any of the given 10 best soundbars with wireless rear speakers. The selection depends on your budget and requirements.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of Speakersmag.com. I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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