10 Best Soundbars For PS5 2022

PS5 is a next-generation gaming console. It has advanced technology and better performance than PS4 and other gaming consoles. For an amazing gaming experience, you need a bigger sound with a giant display. A 3D display requires the same quality 3D immersive surround sound. A soundbar is a great option for PS5. So, we have reviewed some best soundbars for PS5 gaming consoles.

Review of Best Soundbars For PS5 Gaming Console

Professional gamers usually like soundbars. There are many reasons you should prefer a soundbar over the speakers. One advantage of the soundbar is its slim and elegant design. It does not occupy a large space. Moreover, the soundbars have widely placed speakers. This design ensures a wider soundstage and deep bass.

You need a premium quality soundbar for your PS5. It should support Dolby Digital and DTS: X. Additionally, it should deliver deep bass. A soundbar with a subwoofer is also ideal for gaming.

But, there are many types of soundbars in the market. Which one you should choose?

This article answers your question. We are providing you with a complete guide that would be very beneficial for buying the best soundbar for PS5.

Let us analyze the 10 best soundbars that will prove the perfect match for PS5.

1. Klipsch 600 SoundBar

Klipsch soundbar is the number one choice for gaming. It perfectly harmonizes with PS5. There are many reasons to love this soundbar. It is our top #1 soundbar for PS5.

This 3.1 CH soundbar gives a surround sound. Moreover, it supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X that gives a high-definition sound. Unlike ordinary soundbars, you do not have to compromise on the sound quality.

It delivers the real audio with no loss. The response frequency is 28Hz to 20 kHz. The audio transmission is super-fast. This soundbar has an awesome design that is elegant and appealing.

Moreover, it comes with dual-color speakers. The speakers are placed at each end of the soundbar to enhance the audio. In addition, a central dedicated speaker adds more to sound quality.

Klipsch soundbar is specially designed to give a cinematic sound. The 45 inches length gives a real virtual sound. It houses 7 high-quality speakers.

Additionally, an 8 inches wireless subwoofer is added. The bass and treble are wonderful. You get a crisp and clear sound with a deep bass effect. It literally gives an earthshaking sound.

In addition to PS5, you can connect this soundbar to other media devices. It comes with an HDMI ARC and allows smooth sound flow. Additionally, it is also compatible with Bluetooth. So, you can make wireless connections.

Amazingly, the speaker is 600W and delivers the loudest sound. This powerful speaker gives you an immersive gaming experience. It is highly compatible with the latest technology of PS5. For professional gamers, this soundbar is an ideal choice.

A versatile remote control also accompanies the soundbar. You can perform various functions via this remote. The remote can also be used to operate the TV if you wish to connect it. Although, it has so many features yet the price is reasonable.


  • The best compatible soundbar for PS5
  • 600W powerful speakers
  • An 8 inches subwoofer
  • Deep bass and loudest volume
  • 3.1 CH soundbar
  • Supports Dolby Atmos/DTS: X
  • Features Bluetooth and HDMI ARC
  • Measures 45 inches in length


  • The basic control buttons are located on the top
  • The front panel has LED indicators
  • Manual needs improvement

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2. Sony HT-G700 3.1CH SoundBar 

Sony soundbar is another great choice for PS5. This is a specially designed soundbar for entertainment and gaming. Its sleek and smart design adds aesthetic value to your room.

The 7.1.2 CH sound enhances your gaming experience many folds. Moreover, its vertical surround engine technology delivers impressive audio.

It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sound. You get a real immersive surround sound. The soundbar measures 41.5 inches in length. It gives a wider soundstage.

The 400W powerful speaker delivers a virtual sound with full clarity. The frequency response is 24Hz to 192 kHz. All of its features are ideal for gaming on PS5.

A great advantage of buying the Sony soundbar is that it is highly compatible with PS5. Because the PS5 is also a product by Sony. So, the Sony soundbar is an ideal choice in terms of performance and quality.

Moreover, it comes with a subwoofer. The bass and treble are good enough. It allows different sound modes for different devices.

The connectivity options are great. In addition to the gaming consoles, it also supports other media devices. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Moreover, you can assign separate sound profiles for each input. For instance, the soundstage differs across various devices like PS5, TV, and tablet. It allows you to adjust the sound quality for each one.

It comes with HDMI and Optical cables. You will hear clear and crisp audio. The Sony soundbar is also equipped with Bluetooth that allows a seamless and hassle-free connection.

A remote comes along with the soundbar. The remote is versatile and also work for controlling TV and cable box. The setup process is quite simple and easy. You just take it out of the box and plug it in to enjoy.


  • 7.1.2 Channel soundbar
  • 400W powerful speakers
  • Comes from the same brand (Sony) as PS5
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Compatible with many media devices
  • Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity


  • The price is higher
  • Sometimes disconnects without any reason
  • Bass could be improved

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3. SAMSUNG A650 3.1CH SoundBar 

Samsung launched this latest soundbar in 2022. This soundbar is a smart and advanced soundbar. It has a very lightweight and compact design.

It measures 38.6 inches in length and is equipped with a dedicated central 7.1” speaker. The 430W powerful speaker produces an ideal sound. The sound quality is perfect for your PS5. It delivers 3.1Ch surround sound.

It supports all high-definition audio formats. The Samsung soundbar is fully compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS: X sound. It is equipped with virtual and adaptive sound lite technology.

This features produces an immersive sound with a real surround sound experience. You can play sound in dialogue mode also. Additionally, it allows the “Bass Boost” function. So, you get an amazing bass and treble.

The ideal sound for PS5 is the game pro mode. If you shift to this mode, the audio perfectly synchronizes with your games. It delivers a neutral and well-balanced sound, excellent for professional gamers.

A wireless subwoofer also accompanies the soundbar. It gives a premium-quality 3D surround sound. Moreover, this soundbar has versatile connectivity options.

It supports Bluetooth and Wifi. So, you can make a wired connection to any media device. A fiber-optic digital and USB port allows wired connection for TV.

The material quality is premium and the product is reliable. The soundbar is composed of high-quality plastic and aluminum. The front panel is protected by a fabric mesh to ensure proper ventilation.

This keeps your soundbar cool and hence it works efficiently. The sound distribution is balanced. You get a clear crisp sound with deep bass.

The purchase includes a convenient remote. The versatile remote also control connected devices. You can mount it on the wall.


  • Ideal for PS5
  • 430W powerful speaker
  • 5.1 Channel soundbar
  • Supports Dolby Digital/ DTS: X
  • Virtual 3D surround sound
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wifi
  • The latest version, smart and elegant


  • Lacks central dedicated channel
  • Bass could be improved
  • Not ideal for TV
  • Optical and USB ports instead of HDMI port

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4. Polk Audio React SoundBar

Polk soundbar is another slim and smart soundbar for PS5. It delivers 3D virtual surround sound. This latest version is upgraded with many features.

It features a 6-driver array and is equipped with 2 drivers, 2 tweeters, and 2 passive radiators.  This wonderful soundbar supports Dolby and DTS virtual surround sound.

The wider soundstage gives you an immersive experience. Bass and treble are ideal for gamers. The sound is well-balanced and neutral.

Although it has no subwoofer yet it delivers high-definition sound. However, you can attach a subwoofer if you wish. It has a decent and eye-catching design.

A great advantage of this soundbar is that it comes with built-in Alexa voice control. So, you can perform various functions by giving voice commands.

The Alexa also allows call and messaging features to make international calls from your soundbar.

The voice adjustment technology synchronizes the audio with the content type. You can play the sound in music, movie, and night mode. This feature optimizes your listening and gaming experience.

In addition to PS5, it is also compatible with TV and other media devices. You can from a home theater setup. It provides a cinematic sound with full dialogue enhancement.

The connectivity options are multiple. It is equipped with HDMI ARC, Optical audio input, and USB type-A. It allows easy connectivity with your smartphone. If you want to enjoy music and movies, you can stream via Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and many more.

The setup is really simple and hassle-free. It requires just a few seconds to connect with your required devices automatically.

For the price, it is an excellent product. You get all the modern features at a low price range.


  • Six-driver soundbar
  • Supports Dolby and DTS surround sound
  • Compatible with TV and other devices
  • Allows streaming through various apps
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Latest version launched in 2022
  • Smart and compact design


  • A blinking LED light on the front panel may be annoying
  • Remote is not efficient enough
  • No subwoofer

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5. Nakamichi 7.2.4 CH SoundBar

This soundbar is really a perfect match for your PS5. It is an all-in-one soundbar. The powerful 800W speakers deliver an exceptional sound. It is a 7.2.4 Ch soundbar with a complete audio setup.

It is not just a soundbar rather a whole surround sound kit. The amazing news is that it is designed like a cinema sound system. You get a virtual 3D immersive sound. If you want to enjoy games with virtual surround sound then it is the best choice for you.

The soundbar has dual 8” wireless subwoofers. Additionally, it has 2 satellite speakers for rear backup. The soundbar itself is 45 inches in length. The whole system delivers a 106 dB earthshaking sound.

This soundbar is highly compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. The response frequency ranges from 35 Hz to 22 kHz.

Nakamichi soundbar is engineered to enhance the sound output to many folds. The subwoofers are down-facing. This design boosts up the bass and audio frequency.

Moreover, it is equipped with SSE technology and three advanced audio processing engines. The sound can be played in different modes. If you are a professional gamer, the Game Mode is premium for you.

While playing on PS5, you can adjust the volume, frequency, and bass to match the best with your game type. The sound is crisp and smooth that gives an awesome experience during FPS action.

The setup is quite easy and simple. You just plug in the device and all the components synchronize perfectly. It comes with HDMI ARC, optical or coaxial input.

These connections ensure a high-definition sound with no quality loss. It also supports Bluetooth connections. So, you can make seamless connections.

In addition to gaming consoles, this setup is also compatible with TV and other media devices.


  • A complete cinematic sound system
  • SSE technology for bass enhancements
  • Includes dual subwoofers and satellite speakers
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • 7.2.4CH soundbar with 800W power
  • A virtual 106dB 3D surround sound
  • Supports Bluetooth and allows seamless connectivity
  • HDMI ARC and Optical input


  • The remote design is not good and has small buttons
  • Bluetooth allows only one connection at one time
  • Settings need to adjust each time you turn it on
  • Shifting between different input sources gives hard time

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6. JBL 9.1 CH Gaming SoundBar

The JBL 9.1 soundbar has a unique design. This versatile soundbar has detachable edges containing satellite speakers. In addition, it also comes with a 10” subwoofer.

You can use it as a soundbar with its two speakers and also attach the subwoofer. The speakers can be detached to play the audio solely from the soundbar. This is one of the best modern soundbars for PS5.

The frequency response of this soundbar ranges from 34Hz to 20kHZ. The total output power is 820W that gives an earthshaking surround sound.

It decodes Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sound. So, it is a perfect choice for gaming. Its latest audio technology ensures a high-definition sound. This smart soundbar delivers a cinematic sound with deep bass. You will have an immersive and virtual sound experience.

Surely you want a unique 3D soundscape effect during gaming. A specialized setting of this soundbar will give your desired sound. Set the bar up front, satellite speakers on the left and right of your gaming chair, and the subwoofer in the center. This setup will enhance your audio experience manifolds. You will hear the slightest and quietest sound such as footsteps, bullets, and all others.

Moreover, it supports Ultra HD 4K pass-through. This technology transmits higher audio formats with full clarity. It is compatible with Dolby Vision.

This advance soundbar also supports Wifi and Bluetooth connections. So, you can also stream music and media. In addition to gaming, this soundbar is a premium choice for a home theater setup.

It offers convention control and setup using a remote. The whole setup can be mounted on the wall using included brackets.

The purchase includes the soundbar, 2 detachable wireless speakers, wireless subwoofer, power cords, HDMI cable, remote, L shape and U shape wall mounting brackets, and screws.


  • Unique design with detachable satellite speakers
  • 3D immersive surround sound
  • A 10” subwoofer included
  • A total of 820W power
  • Supports Dolby Digital and DTS: X
  • Compatible with Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Ultra HD 4K pass-through
  • Built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay
  • A complete wall mounting kit is included


  • No user-selectable sound modes
  • No EQ settings
  • Firmware update pose issues
  • A costly soundbar

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7. Razer Leviathan Gaming SoundBar

The Leviathan soundbar is a smart and compact device. However, this soundbar gives the best audio quality. Its unique design stands make it the best choice for gaming consoles.

It comes with a 5.25” dedicated subwoofer and the bar is 19.7” in length. This 5.1CH soundbar is the perfect choice for PS5 and other gaming consoles. The 4 fine-tuned drivers give a surround sound. You get a real immersive experience while gaming.

A great advantage is that this soundbar has all the essential features at an affordable price. The design is elegant and adds aesthetic value to your gaming setup. The downward-facing powerful subwoofer ensures deep bass and high-definition audio.

The design enhances the sound quality and delivers earth-shaking audio. Its frequency rate is 180Hz to 20kHz. It delivers an exceptional sound with full clarity. The lower and higher volume is equally good.

It supports and decodes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II. Every sound format is transmitted with original quality. Moreover, the cutting-edge Dolby technology delivers an ideal sound for gaming.

Furthermore, the Leviathan soundbar allows three EQ settings including movie, music, and gaming. The movie mode gives crystal clear dialogues.

Music modes deliver ideal symphonies. While gaming mode provides you an immersive experience. You can also connect it to other media devices such as TV, PC, etc.

The connectivity options are versatile. You can connect it through cables and an auxiliary port. It also supports Bluetooth connection and pairs seamlessly with any device.

It is equipped with NFC and aptX technology. The pairing is fast and efficient. The Bluetooth connection delivers the same high-quality audio as the wired connection. It remembers recently paired devices. So, you can connect with just by a simple click.


  • Unique and compact design
  • 5.1 CH soundbar
  • Powerful down-facing subwoofer
  • Supports Dolby Digital
  • Cutting edge technology ensures premium quality sound
  • Delivers crystal clear sound both at high and low ends
  • Allows three EQ settings
  • The best affordable soundbar for PS5
  • NFC and aptX technology
  • Supports Bluetooth connection
  • Reasonable price


  • Shuts-off automatically after a brief period of inactivity
  • Lacks a remote
  • Volume setting needs to be adjusted every time

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8. YAMAHA YAS-109 SoundBar

Yamaha is an all-in-one soundbar with all the advanced features. It is one of the best choices for PS5. This slim soundbar comes with dual built-in subwoofers. You get deep bass and high-definition sound from this smart soundbar.

It gives a total of 120W output power. It supports DTS: X Virtual and delivers a 3D surround sound. The wider soundstage enhances your gaming experience manyfolds. Moreover, you get a theater-like immersive sound that is ideal for gaming.

The voice enhancement feature produces an ultra-vivid sound. It works efficiently at low and high volumes. The frequency response ranges from 48Hz to 192kHz.

The connectivity options are versatile. You can connect it through HDMI which transmits premium quality sound. The optical cable also works with this soundbar.

Additionally, it is compatible with Wifi and Bluetooth. Wifi connection allows streaming from a great number of apps and services. In addition to gaming consoles, this soundbar is also a perfect choice for a home theater setup.

It allows connecting with the audios and podcasts through Spotify. It makes a flawless connection. The speech enhancement technology gives a crystal-clear sound.

An amazing feature is that it has a built-in Alexa. So, you can perform many functions by giving voice commands.  You can stream music, set alarms, control home devices, listen to the news, and much more. A mobile app is also available for controlling the soundbar.

Moreover, the smart remote offers many control options. You can play the sound in 6 different modes as it allows 6 EQ settings.

Another feature is that your TV remote can also control this soundbar. The setup process is hassle-free. This lightweight soundbar easily mounts on the wall.

The company offers 2-year technical and customer support. At a highly affordable price, you get a high-quality sound.


  • A versatile soundbar best for PS5
  • Dual built-in subwoofers
  • Deeper bass and wider soundstage
  • Crystal-clear 3D surround sound
  • Virtual DTS: X support
  • HDMI connection and 4K HD pass-through
  • Supports Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Easy connection with multiple devices
  • Alexa voice control built-in
  • High-frequency response and minimum lag
  • An ideal choice for home theater setup


  • The Alexa volume is not adjustable independent of the soundbar
  • Bluetooth transmission is not much efficient
  • LED light blinking may be annoying

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9. LG SL5Y 2.1 Channel SoundBar 

LG soundbars are very popular in terms of quality. The LG SL5Y is a great soundbar with a flat design and a wireless subwoofer. The system gives a total of 400W output power. It is one of the best soundbars for PS5 and other gaming consoles.

It has a 2.1 channel configuration. This soundbar supports Dolby Digital and DTS: X audio formats. The deeper bass gives an amazing gaming experience. The room-filling sound has a cinematic quality.

An added advantage is that it comes with LED lights that indicate different settings and input sources. So, you can make a convenient setup and connection. The wall-mount brackets are included in the purchase. This soundbar comes with forward-firing speakers.

The right panel contains basic control buttons for basic functions. While the remote allows all other functions. Moreover, it is also compatible with the TV remote.

This LG soundbar also supports an Android app “Music Flow Bluetooth”. You can download this app on your phone or tablet to control the soundbar conveniently.

For the price, this soundbar is amazing. At a low cost, it offers all the advanced features. The sound can be played in different modes including standard, music, movie, and night mode. The standard mode delivers a neutral and well-balanced sound. While the music mode enhances the symphonies and movie mode ensures crystal clear dialogues.

The connectivity options include HDMI input, a Digital Optical, and a USB port. It also gives an option to add external speakers for a greater sound.

It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 option. So, you can pair your soundbar seamlessly with any device. The audio transmission is smooth and flawless.

This lightweight soundbar is easy to place anywhere. You can place it on the table or shelf and can also mount it on the wall.


  • Good compatibility with PS5
  • Powerful speakers with 400W total output
  • Multi-purpose soundbar with multi-device connectivity
  • 2.1 channel soundbar with 6” subwoofer
  • A good choice for DTS: X and Dolby Digital audio
  • HDMI, Optical, and USB ports
  • Deep bass and high-quality sound
  • Supports Bluetooth connection
  • An Android app is available


  • AUX and HDMI eARC is not available
  • No Wifi support

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10. Sonos Arc Gaming SoundBar

The Sonos Arc is our last pick of the best soundbar for PS5 gaming console. Although it comes without a subwoofer yet it delivers a premium quality sound. This 45 inches long soundbar is ideal for PS5 gaming.

It has an elegant design and comes in white color. The sleek design can fit anywhere including the wall. From an aesthetic point of view, it is an ideal choice.

This latest soundbar supports Dolby Atmos. The sound quality you get is not less than an expensive sound system. It gives you an immersive 3D surround sound experience.

This powerful soundbar comes with 11 drivers. The combined power of these drivers produces a premium quality sound. You get deep bass and crystal clear audio with minor details.

Furthermore, it is also an ideal choice for TV and other media players. The speech enhancement feature gives vivid dialogues. Moreover, the frequency response ranges from 50Hz to 120 kHz and the output power is 120W.

This soundbar is compatible with multiple devices. You can connect it to TV, streaming players, and all types of gaming devices.

It is equipped with Trueplay Tuning Technology that enhances the audio effect. It boosts the sound and synchronizes it with the unique acoustics of the room.

The control options are multiple. You can control it via TV remote, voice, and the Sonos app. You can download the app to your phone and can control the soundbar from your phone. Additionally, it is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and many other apps.

An amazing feature is that it has built-in Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. So, you can stream music and media by giving voice commands. The connectivity option includes HDMI ARC which ensures a fuller sound.

If you want to set up a home theater system, it allows you to connect with subwoofers and speakers.


  • An excellent choice for PS5 and other gaming consoles
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • 45 inches powerful soundbar
  • Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Compatible with Sonos S2 app
  • A 5.1 setup with 11 drivers
  • TruePlay tuning technology
  • Sound enhancement feature


  • The Sonos S2 app shows add frequently
  • Price is relatively higher
  • No subwoofer included

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Final Words

So finally, we have reviewed the 10 best soundbars for PS5. We have created this list after thorough research. We keenly looked for every feature that must be present in a great soundbar. This article lists a whole range of soundbars. We have included expensive, mid-range, and low-cost soundbars. However, we did not compromise on the quality. All the soundbars come from trusted brands with 5 stars customers’ feedback. Hence, you can comfortably select any one of your choices depending on your feasibility.

Hi, I'm Noor Alam, founder of SpeakersMag.com. I love music and got my Bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering. Now I have started my own blog about music products. Just like you, I also love different music products and in my spare time, I share my knowledge with audio lovers on this site. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Noor Alam, founder of SpeakersMag.com. I love music and got my Bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering. Now I have started my own blog about music products. Just like you, I also love different music products and in my spare time, I share my knowledge with audio lovers on this site. Read more about me

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