Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $500 2022

Bluetooth speakers are a revolutionary addition to audio solutions. They discard wires and cords. The most amazing advantage of Bluetooth speakers is seamless connectivity. You can connect any Bluetooth device to your speaker. Today, I have brought the top 10 best Bluetooth speakers of 2022 for under $500.

So, you find a lot of opportunities to play music. Bluetooth speakers are great for picnic parties and other outdoor events. Because they are very smart and highly portable.

They are equipped with the Party Connect feature to pair multiple speakers together. They are also a good choice for indoor entertainment as they easily connect to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Why Should You Rely on My Reviews?

There are lots of brands in the market. So, you will find it difficult to choose the best Bluetooth speaker. The price range also differs greatly. But, I have solved your problem. I am going to help you find the best Bluetooth speakers for below $500.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $500

Remember that all Bluetooth speakers under $500 are not worth buying. Because some brands are expensive but offer nothing special. Therefore, I carefully picked up the top 10 best Bluetooth speakers under $500 to save your money and time.

I will thoroughly review each speaker explaining their features, functioning, pros, and cons. Sound quality, design, battery power, and other specs are also discussed in this article.

Moreover, I have also included the buying guide. It provides you with all the necessary information for buying the right Bluetooth speaker. Do not forget to read the buying guide on the bottom page. 

So, let us start a review of the top Bluetooth speakers under $500.

1. Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speaker 

Sound Quality

Sony SRS series speakers are great in terms of audio quality. Sony SRS-XB43 is the most popular Bluetooth speaker. Its powerful bass and realistic sound effect excel it over other products.

Sony XB43 is an excellent choice for the budget. It offers many features under the $500 price range. Unlike low-quality speakers, Sony XB43 transmits distortion-free sound with no lag.

This smart speaker is equipped with dual tweeters, one woofer, and two side passive radiators. This four-speaker setup delivers all the advanced audio features. It gives crystal clear sound, finest mid and low range, and heavy bass.

This compact speaker allows different EQ settings. You can set sound preferences and enjoy various sound effects. The Live Sound mode is most amazing as it gives a 3D audio experience.

Additionally, it has Party Connect and Stereo-Pairing mode that enhances the sound quality while connecting multiple speakers. The NFC feature makes a successful connection with hundreds of speakers. It also helps in establishing a reliable multi-room setup.

Additional Specifications

The speaker has an elegant design and comes in three different colors. The top panel of the speaker has multiple buttons for control options. The charging port is located on the rear panel.

The speaker has versatile connectivity options. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a smooth audio flow. In addition to Bluetooth, it also has 3.5mm Aux input and NFC.

You can also charge your phone via a USB-A port on the speaker. The LED indicators are also present on the speaker. They inform you about the input source.

Moreover, its high IP rating makes it highly suitable for the outdoor environment. This IP67-rated Bluetooth speaker is water-proof and dust-proof.

It can withstand harsh weather conditions, snow, high-pressure water, rain, dust, and heat. It can be submerged up to 3 feet underwater. So, it makes an ideal choice for pool parties, beaches, and showers.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery is powerful enough to last up to 24 hours. So, this device is ideal for picnic parties. The Party Connect feature is another amazing quality of this speaker.

You can connect and synchronize almost 100 speakers via this feature. Furthermore, it also has a speakerphone feature. Hence, you can make a call hands-free either in-home or office.

Besides, this speaker is supported by two apps. One is the Music Center app that can be used to select different sound modes and playlists. The other is the Fiestable app that helps in changing the lightning patterns on the speaker. Both these apps work on smartphones and tablets.

This speaker weighs 6.5 lbs. Its dimension is 12.8″ x 4.8″ x 4.6″. However, it is still portable and sits easily in a small space.

Key Features

  • Sony SRS-XB43 is equipped with 4 powerful drivers and is worth the money
  • Different sound modes including the Live Sound mode for 3D immersive audio effect
  • It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC technology for connecting with 100 speakers
  • The IP67 rating makes it fully weather-resistant


  • Wonderful audio quality
  • Compatible with 2 apps for convenient control
  • Ideal for pool parties and picnics
  • Extended battery life; 24 hours
  • Hands-free call with built-in mics


  • Not compatible with aptX audio codecs
  • A little heavy but portable
  • Does not support Wifi and computer app

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2. Sonos Move Smart Bluetooth Speaker 

Sonos Move Smart Speaker 

Sound Quality

Sonos Move is the best Bluetooth speaker under $500. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 11 hours. This feature makes it a highly portable device. You can use it both for indoor and outdoor entertainment.

This speaker stands at the top among the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 because it gives a high-definition and realistic sound.

It ensures smooth audio flow canceling distortions. Additionally, the sound of this 45W speaker is fairly loud. It is an ideal match for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

This smart speaker gives a wider soundstage and deep bass. It has automatic Trueplay tuning technology that detects the settings and synchronizes the sound accordingly.

It is equipped with a front-facing drive that delivers a monophonic sound. Nevertheless, its performance is wonderful. It delivers a uniform and crystal clear sound both at high and low volumes.

Additional Specifications

In addition to Bluetooth, this advanced speaker is also compatible with Wifi. Hence, you can stream music from various apps and services.

This speaker is also an excellent choice for a Multi-room setup. Many speakers can be connected via Wifi. Sonos Move excels its counterparts in terms of sound quality, versatility, and convenience.

Moreover, the built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to operate the speaker hands-free. You can answer phone calls, set alarms, stream music, and check music via voice commands.

Sonos Move is designed to endure weather changes. It is IP56 meaning it can withstand both water and solid. This speaker is highly weather-resistant. Rain, snow, dust, UV rays, and extreme heat cannot damage the device. You can play this speaker submerged under the water.

Furthermore, the speaker is protected by a hard and shock-resistant cover. So, you can freely use it in all sorts of outdoor environments.

Sonos Move has compact dimensions; 9.5″ x 6.3″ x 5.0″. You can place it easily on your computer desktop or carry it with you while traveling. The audio quality is great for the size and price.

This device has a stylish look. Another added advantage is that it comes with a charging base. Any USB Type-C plug works with it. The control buttons are located on the top of the speaker.

This modern speaker requires just a few minutes for setup. It offers many control options such as AirPlay 2, Sonos app, and voice control. You can download the app on your smartphone.

Key Features

  • Sonos Move delivers deep bass and well-balanced sound
  • It is IP56 rated and is liquid and solid resistant
  • Offers smart features such as Wifi compatibility, Alexa voice control, and AirPlay 2
  • 11 hours of battery life and charging base plus USB charger are included


  • A versatile Bluetooth speaker
  • A realistic and louder audio quality
  • Highly suitable for a multi-room setup
  • Trueplay 2 for auto-synchronization


  • A little heavy weighing around 6.6 lbs
  • No speakerphone feature
  • Price is relatively higher

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3. Bose Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality

BOSE is an all-in-one versatile Bluetooth speaker. This modern speaker is popular due to its advanced integrated features. It delivers 360 degrees of sound quality, deep bass, and clear and realistic sound. The soundstage is really great and adds more fun to your party.

Under $500, it is the best portable speaker. Its small size does not affect the audio quality. It amazes you with its exceptionally loud sound. It works well at both low and high ends. Furthermore, the bass and treble are adjustable.

It has built-in Amazon Alexa for voice control. The Alexa is very sensitive to the human voice. You can even give commands from other rooms. It readily processes your voice commands and responds effectively.

Moreover, it can also work with Google Assistant. So, you can play music through Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Alexa also allows you to make calls hands-free to your contact list, Amazon Echo, and Bose smart devices around your home.

Additional Specifications

This speaker is literally smart due to its 2.34 lbs weight and 7.54” x 4.69” x 4.09” dimensions. It’s a grab-and-go device. The handle of the speaker is an added advantage in terms of great portability. It is both a home and travel speaker. Place it on the tabletop or carry it in your travel bag.

It is an elegant choice with a decent design. The battery of this speaker runs up to 10 hours. So, you can stream your favorite music for unlimited time.

It is also a great choice for a multi-room setup. You can link this Bose speaker to other smart speakers. The setup process is easy and hassle-free. By downloading the Bose mobile app, you can readily set up this speaker.

Additionally, the Bose speaker is IPX4 rated. It is splash-proof and can endure fine water spray. This feature makes it ideal to use at the pool and beach.

Another amazing feature is its Wifi compatibility. It allows streaming through popular apps and services. While you are offline, you can stream via Bluetooth. Connect this speaker with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It works efficiently will all Bluetooth devices. Bose Music app is another control option. You can adjust EQ setting through this app. Compatible with AirPlay 2, Bose speaker is an excellent addition to your acoustic collection.

This speaker is a pack of a whole lot of features at a price lower than $500.

Key Features

  • Bose Bluetooth speaker is equipped with Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • It works with Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, AirPlay 2
  • This speaker by Bose gives matchless loudness for the size, a realistic audio quality, and deep bass
  • IPX4 rating makes it splash-proof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • A versatile speaker with outstanding features
  • Powerful rechargeable battery with 10 hours of life
  • Easy handling and high portability
  • Very lightweight and compact dimensions
  • EQ settings, adjustable bass, and treble


  • Cannot work with Bose Connect app
  • Not fully water and weather resistant

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4. Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable Wireless Speaker

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom 

Sound Quality

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is another ideal Bluetooth speaker under $500. This speaker not only gives a loud sound but also delivers a booming bass. Its audio range is quite expansive that reaches up to 150 feet.

\Amazingly this smart Bluetooth speaker gives a 229 output power. This is pretty high to deliver an exceptional sound quality. The sound is filling and realistic. Even at high ends, Hyperboom ensures sound clarity.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. Hence, the sound flow is well-balanced and smooth. It makes a reliable connection with any Bluetooth device.

This speaker is an ideal choice for your computer, tablet, and mobile. It adds fun to your pool parties and beach picnic.

It features an adaptive equalizer that detects the environment and enhances the sound effect. So, you get high-class and perfectly synchronized audio.

Additional Specifications

This Bluetooth speaker is a versatile device because it offers both wired and wireless connectivity. It is equipped with one Aux and one optical input. Additionally, it has a USB charge out. So, you can charge your phone with this speaker.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful battery running for up to 24 hours. It allows you to play music endlessly.

Music sharing is very convenient through this speaker. You can play music from 4 different devices. Switching between various devices is just pressing a button away.

The control is very simple and straightforward. It is supported by an Android app called One Touch Music Control. Thus, you can play, pause, and stream music via your smartphone. It also works with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and Deezer Premium.

This device is IPX4 rated. It is splashproof and can be used in light rain. However, it cannot be submerged underwater as it is not water-proof and weather-resistant.

It also features Party up connect. This function allows you to connect this speaker with other speakers to make a multi-room or party setup. Connecting two or three Hyperboom or Megaboom speakers creates a real cinematic effect.

The speaker weighs around 13 pounds. Its dimension is 7.5 x 7.5 x 14.33 inches. The design is simple but nice. Although this site is not ideal for high portability yet it does not occupy much space. It has a pull-out strap that allows easy handling.

Key Features

  • Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a deep bass Bluetooth speaker
  • It has a wider soundstage up to 150 feet
  • The adaptive audio equalizer helps detect room settings and calibrate the audio well
  • This speaker is ideal for portability due to its rechargeable battery with 24 hours life and compact design


  • Realistic sound quality
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0
  • A total of 229W output power
  • Aux, optical, and USB charging ports
  • Supported by an Android app for music control


  • No Wifi support
  • A heavy device for easy portability
  • Splashproof not fully water and solid resistant

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5. JBL Boombox 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality

JBL is specialized in manufacturing portable smart speakers. Their speakers and soundbars are available in all categories. JBL Boombox 2 is a recent addition to JBL audio series. It is an upgraded version of the original JBL Boombox.

This model has added wireless connectivity to other devices and water resistance. This Bluetooth speaker gives heavy bass and louder sound. It is the best choice for audiophiles.

This ultra-loud speaker is equipped with 2 passive radiators, 20mm tweeters, and 4” woofers. The combined power of all the drivers is enough to give a booming sound.

It amazes you with its deep bass and wider soundstage. Additionally, this speaker produces a high-quality sound even at 90% volume. It delivers good quality audio free of lag and distortion.

This speaker is the best match for all Bluetooth devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The Bluetooth ensures smooth audio flow.

Additional Specifications

JBL Boombox 2 offers 24 hours playtime. Its battery is powerful and you can play music day and night. Hence, it is an ideal Bluetooth speaker for under $500.

It has been designed for easy portability. The handle of the speaker makes it an ideal portable speaker. Moreover, it has an elegant and stylish look. You will love to place this speaker on your computer desktop or carry it on a picnic.

Furthermore, this speaker comes in black and camo colors. It has a cylindrical body with 12.76 x 9.33 x 21.97 inches dimensions. This JBL Bluetooth speaker weighs around 13 pounds but is still portable.

It features Bluetooth 5.1 which makes a strong connection and requires minimum effort in pairing. Moreover, it includes a power bank to charge the phone.

This speaker is IPX7 rated. You can fearlessly use this water-resistant speaker in the outdoor environment. So, it is the best companion for pool parties and beach picnics.

The speaker can withstand sudden rain and high-pressure water spray. It can also be played while submerged up to 3 feet underwater.

This speaker is supported by a PartyBoost feature. It functions to stereo pair with other JBL Bluetooth speakers. You can connect this speaker to various other JBL speakers to have a cinematic sound experience. However, JBL Boombox 2 is not compatible with Connect Plus app.

Although it lacks some features of the original JBL Boombox 2 yet it is worth the price. Overall, it is an excellent speaker with great sound and heavier bass.

Key Features

  • JBL Boombox features Bluetooth 5.1 and makes a reliable Bluetooth connection with a wider range
  • You should choose this speaker because of its extra-deep bass and loud sound
  • It is IPX7 rated and ideal for pool parties and beach picnics due to its waterproof body
  • This JBL speaker has an integrated power bank to charge your phone and 24 hours battery life with 50% volume


  • Distortion-free sound
  • Stylish design and decent look
  • Best for outdoor parties
  • PartyBoot feature for connecting with other JBL speakers
  • Worth the price


  • Lacks indoor/outdoor modes
  • No Wifi compatibility
  • Does not support aptX codecs

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6. Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Speaker

Marshall Stanmore II 

Sound Quality

Marshall Stanmore II is a portable Bluetooth speaker for under $500. This compact speaker is an excellent choice for smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

This speaker is equipped with two 15W class-D amplifiers for tweeters and one 50W Class-D amplifier for the subwoofer. These powerful drivers give a fine sound quality.

The top-notch sound gives you a wonderful listening experience. The speaker plays a good sound even at high volumes. The audio flow is smooth and uninterrupted.

No matter, which option you use to play music, the Marshall delivers great audio. You can even hear it 150ft away. There is no audio lag and no distortion.

Alexa detects voice commands better than other speakers under the same price range. For the size, the sound quality is outstanding.

Moreover, the speaker also features EQ settings. You can also adjust bass and treble as it has separate control knobs for each.

Additional Specifications

One of the most amazing features of this speaker is the built-in Alexa. You can perform various functions without lifting your finger. Alexa detects voice commands efficiently. You can ask it to play music, adjust volume, teach you a new chord, and a lot more.

So, the Marshall II can be used as a guitar amplifier. Its frequency range is 50Hz-20kHz. This is pretty high for a smart speaker. The speaker gives a nice look. The front part has a series of LED indicators to detect the source.

In addition to Bluetooth, it is also compatible with Wifi and Spotify. Hence, you can stream music from your favorite apps and services. RCA and AUX are included in the physical connectivity options.

It is also compatible with Marshall mobile app. This app allows you to control the speaker remotely.

This Bluetooth speaker easily fits your table or shelf. Its dimensions are 14×8×7” and its weight is 10 pounds. It is an ideal match for your computer or laptop. Additionally, the Marshall speaker also allows multi-room setup.

The company offers a 1-year warranty. So, in one package, you get all the latest features. This speaker costs you less than its counterparts.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker on an affordable budget (under $500), you must consider Marshall Stanmore II.

Key Features

  • Marshall Stanmore is a smart Bluetooth speaker that supports Wifi, Spotify connect, Alexa Voice control, and mobile app
  • It is equipped with two powerful tweeters and a subwoofer
  • No audio lag, louder sound, and great bass make it worth the price


  • Compact and portable design
  • AUX and RCA ports are also available
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Great performance at a reasonable price


  • Lacks rechargeable battery
  • Not compatible with Apple Music
  • The LED lights may be irritating for some users

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7. Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Sound Quality

Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is a very smart Bluetooth speaker. This is an upgraded version of Bose Revolve speaker. If you are looking for an extra smart portable Bluetooth speaker, Revolve+ is the best choice for you.

Equipped with all the modern features, this speaker is available for below $500. The audio performance of this smart speaker is really good. It delivers 360-degrees sound effects.

Usually, such smarter speakers do not give a well-balanced sound at high volumes. But, Revolve+ excels its counterparts in its amazing sound quality. It delivers a crystal clear and well-balanced sound at all volume levels.

It has integrated dual passive radiators that produce amazing low notes. Moreover, it also has a full-range transducer and acoustic deflector. The omnidirectional deflector produces a realistic 360 degrees sound.

This speaker is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery is much powerful and lasts up to 16 hours. So, it is the best companion for traveling.

Moreover, you can pair this speaker with the other Bose speakers. This allows you to boost your parties. This is made easier by Bose SimpleSync technology that allows stereo and party pairing.

It supports Wifi, hence you can stream music from various apps. In addition, it also has a voice control feature. When you do not have access to Wifi, you can control this speaker via your smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, it has a built-in mic for speakerphones. This feature allows you to make conference calls hands-free. Its wireless range is 30 feet that are pretty wide for a smart speaker.

It can be played in outdoor environments. But, it gives better sound indoors because of its limited wireless range. However, the loudness is best for the size.

Additional Specifications

This speaker weighs just 2 lbs and its dimensions are 7.25″ x 4.13″ x 4.13″. This compact size makes it easy to move anywhere.

Its design is elegantly giving a decent look. The aluminum body is durable. It comes with a fabric handle for convenient carrying. This is a grab-and-go speaker in the real sense of meaning.

The Revolve+ is IPX4 rated and splashproof. It is not a fully water-resistant device. However, it can bear water splashes, spray, and light rain for some moments. This feature makes it a good outdoor speaker. You can carry it to the beach or can use it for pool parties.

It has a versatile tapering tubular design giving a lantern look. This speaker comes in black and grey colors. The charging cradle is also available (not included in the purchase).

The top of the speaker has fine-quality function buttons. A multi-function button is also added to connect to the virtual assistants of your smartphone. This allows a voice control function.

In addition to Bluetooth, it also has physical connectivity ports. A 3.5mm Aux-in and micro USB charging ports are present at the bottom of the speaker.

A wall socket adapter and USB cable are included in the box. These accessories can be used to connect the speaker to your laptop or a speakerphone mic. So, you can make clear voice calls and voice commands.

The speaker is supported by the Connect app. This app allows reliable connection with other Bose speakers. Furthermore, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC make this speaker compatible with any Bluetooth device. It is an excellent choice for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC, which allows you to connect wirelessly to another Bose speaker via the Connect app.

Overall, the Revolve Plus delivers excellent volume for its size with detailed audio performance even at top volume.

Key Features

  • Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is an ideal and worth buying Bluetooth speaker
  • It delivers 360-degrees realistic sound and plays well at both low and high ends
  • It works with the Phone’s virtual assistants, and voice control, and has a speakerphone feature
  • It’s compatible with Wifi, NFC, and Connect app


  • Ultra smart and highly portable speaker
  • 16 hours of battery timing
  • Ideal for smartphones and tablets
  • USB charging port and Aux-in
  • IPX4 rated hence splashproof


  • Not good for outdoor use
  • Some users complain about the charging issue

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8. JBL Professional IRX Portable Speaker 

JBL Professional IRX Speaker 

Sound Quality

JBL IRX Bluetooth speaker is a classy choice. This loudspeaker has very powerful drivers delivering an exceptional sound quality. As compared to its smart size, the sound is really wonderful.

The most amazing feature of this speaker is an 8-inch woofer. This powerful woofer delivers a heavy bass and exceptional audio quality. The audio performance beats larger and more expensive loudspeakers.

It is equipped with a bass boost button to elevate your listening experience to the next level. Moreover, it has a built-in microphone for receiving voice commands.

Its reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection allows stereo streaming. This advanced Bluetooth version ensures smooth audio transmission free of any delay. So, you get the perfect sound with crystal clarity.

The speaker has 4 EQ settings. The preset real-world sound modes provide you with a real immersive experience. The sound is automatically optimized to synchronize with different devices.

Moreover, it also has a Soundcraft feature to detect the speech input and adjust the volume accordingly.

Additional Specifications

This JBL speaker is the perfect match for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for performers, content creators, and fitness instructors.

In addition to Bluetooth, this speaker comes with wired connectivity options. It is equipped with 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs and one XLR out.

The frequency response of this speaker is wider enough ranging from 54 Hz to 20 kHz. For the price, this speaker excels over other speakers under $500. At a reasonable price, it offers all the features.

The JBL speaker has a decent design and gives nice look. An ergonomic handle is integrated into the design which makes portability convenient.

The product is reliable as it is protected by a steel grille. The honeycomb grille not only gives it a stylish outlook but also makes the speaker durable.

This device is heavier than other speakers weighing around 17 lbs. The dimensions of the speaker are 10.15″ x 12.32″ x 19.1″. But, it can accompany you in the car. It is an excellent choice for thrilling sound effects.

It is very easy to set up. You just connect the speaker to the power outlet and pair it with your favorite Bluetooth device.

Key Features

  • JBL Professional is an ultra-loud speaker with heavy bass
  • This smart speaker offers bass enhancement and 4 preset EQs
  • It features Bluetooth 5.0 as well as physical connectivity options such as XLR ports
  • The frequency response of 54Hz to 20KHz is great for both low and high ends


  • Equipped with an 8-inch woofer
  • Smart speaker with lightweight
  • Built-in microphone
  • Durable and stylish design
  • The sound is great for size and for the budget


  • Lacks rechargeable battery
  • Mid-range is not ideal
  • Not IP rated

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9. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20

Sound Quality

Bang & Olufsen is famous for making high-quality Bluetooth speakers. The Beloit 20 is the latest model and is an updated version of the previous Beloit speakers. It has added many specs such as Nordic styling and enhanced audio performance.

The speaker is equipped with dual amps each giving 35W output. In addition, it has three 1.5” drivers and a larger 5.5” woofer. It also has a massive 4-inch radiator for heavy bass. The cutting-edge DSP technology enhances the sound furthermore.

Its frequency range is 37 Hz to 20 kHz. This is pretty high for a smart speaker costing you less than $500.

The whole system delivers an exceptional sound. Elevated audio with amazing bass is not expected from such a smart speaker. But, Beloit 20 does not disappoint you in any way.

This speaker has a rechargeable battery running for up to 8 hours. This is the 4th generation iconic speaker. It produces a true 360 degrees sound.

Its Bluetooth 5.1 makes a reliable connection. It has the power to deliver crystal clear sound at all ranges. You can pair it wirelessly with a lot of devices. The audio transmission is quite smooth.

Additional Specifications

This speaker is available at a much affordable cost (below $500). It has many specs adding to its value.

The speaker comes with a USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack. USB-C charging is a convenience for parties. This speaker is the best smart audio solution for multi-purposes.

Moreover, it features wireless charging. This amazing technology allows you to charge your phone.

The speaker is designed like a carrying box. It has a leather strap which offers very comfortable portability. It has a black and blue contrasted body which adds aesthetic beauty.

Anodized Aluminum is used in its manufacturing. This increases the durability of the product. There are buttons on the speaker for controlling the listening effects and playing music.

It also features stereo pairing. So, you can pair the Beloit 20 with other models for a party boost. The full setup gives an immersive sound experience.

It is supported by Bang & Olufsen app. The Bosonic feature on the app allows creating sound profiles according to your preferences. So, you can listen to music in your favorite sound mode.

It weighs just 5.1 lbs and is highly portable. The compact dimensions, 5.3 W x 9 H x 7.4 D inches, make this speaker an ideal choice for traveling. Despite its smaller size, it gives you high-quality audio.

Key Features

  • Beloit 20 features Bluetooth 5.1 that is ideal for wireless connectivity
  • It has powerful drivers for loud sound and also delivers a deep bass
  • A power bank is included in this speaker to charge your smartphone
  • Its frequency response varies from 37kHz to 20kHz


  • A lightweight and portable speaker
  • Amazing sound performance
  • Beautiful design with high durability
  • DSP technology boosts sound
  • Supported by a mobile app


  • No IP rating, not weather-proof
  • Does not support Wifi
  • No visual warning for battery power

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10. Sony SRS-XP500 Bluetooth Party Speaker 

Sony SRS-XP500 Speaker 

Sound Quality

Sony SRS audio series contains the best speakers. Sony XP500 is the latest version of the Sony speaker. It was launched in 2022 and gained popularity in a very short time. If you are an audiophile, you will love this extra loud Bluetooth speaker.

It delivers powerful bass and gives a live music effect. The speaker is equipped with dual X-balanced speakers and two front tweeters. The sound is matchless in terms of quality and crystal clear at high ends.

This Bluetooth speaker gives you a smooth audio transmission with a reliable Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, it also has a USB port to directly play music through a flash drive.

This is the best companion for pool parties, beach picnics, and traveling. Moreover, this speaker is the ideal device for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Some users paired it with the TV and enjoyed a wonderful audio experience. So, it means the bass is the real thing and matches the bigger pictures.

You get all these features for under $500. The price is very reasonable as compared to other Bluetooth speakers.

Additional Specifications

This speaker comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery life goes up to 20 hours. This is more than enough from a smart and budget-friendly speaker. The battery is quick and efficient. With 10 minutes of charge, it gives 80 minutes of playtime.

Additionally, it has a battery care feature that stops charging just before the battery reaches 100%. This function protects the speaker from any damage and increases its life span.

The speaker is IPX4 rated. It is splash-proof and can endure light rain and water spray. So, you can freely use this speaker outdoor.

Two microphone inputs are present at the rear of the speaker. You can connect the guitar or mic to the speaker. So, it also serves as a guitar amp.

A USB charging port is also included in the speaker to charge your phone. Hence, you do not need to worry about low phone battery.

You can place the speaker horizontally or vertically. Its design is flexible enough. The Party Connect feature allows pairing with hundreds of other Sony speakers. Hence, you can boost your listening experience by connecting with multiple speakers.

It is supported by the Sony Music Center app. You can control the speaker, create a playlist, and change the sound modes using this mobile app.

Moreover, Fiestable is another compatible app. This app allows you to turn off/on the lightning on the speaker.

The speaker has a beautiful design. It is equipped with an integrated carry handle. So, it offers easy portability. It comes with LED lighting that illuminates the top and bottom of the speaker. This lightning effect adds aesthetic value to the device.

The Sony XP500 weighs around 24 pounds and its dimensions are 11.61 x 10.83 x 22.52 inches. Although it is a little bit heavy yet portable.

Key Features

  • Sony SRS is a mega bass speaker equipped with front tweeters and X-balanced speakers
  • It can be used as a guitar amp and mic and is also suitable for TVs
  • It is IPX4 rated and splashproof, hence best for outdoor parties
  • At a reasonable cost, it ensures high performance and audio quality


  • Bluetooth and app supported
  • USB port included
  • Party connect feature
  • Indirect illumination via lightning
  • Flexible and elegant design


  • No Wifi support
  • Relatively a heavier device

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Ultimate Guide To Choose a Bluetooth Speaker Under $500

There are many categories of Bluetooth speakers in the market. Some are very smart, just the size of your hand. Some are bigger and heavy weighing up to 24 pounds. Their sound quality also varies. Generally, the audio performance improves with the size.

But, it is not true always. A very smart speaker can give you an exceptional sound while a bigger speaker may produce poor-quality audio. There are many other features that are important to consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker.

This article will provide you the complete information. I will discuss some very important features such as sound quality, portability, IP rating, and connectivity.

1. Audio Performance

It is the most important element to consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker. You need to check the speaker and radiators. Bass radiators give deep bass and dual or triple drivers ensure a louder sound.

Another factor is monophonic and stereophonic sound. It determines the speaker’s ability to amplify the type of signal. A monophonic speaker plays the audio on a single channel, and produces a well-balanced and forward-pushing sound. For example, the Sonos Move is a monophonic speaker. These speakers are ideal for listening to music produced in the 70s.

A Stereophonic speaker has left and right audio channels. This type delivers a 360 degrees sound. It makes you feel that sound is coming from all directions. This is ideal for a true immersive experience. For instance, Sony SRS-XB43 produces a stereo sound effect. You can get the stereo sound effects by pairing two monophonic speakers.

2. Size and Portability

A small-sized and light-weighted speaker is highly portable. Portability is a very significant feature that a Bluetooth speaker must possess. Because you want to listen to music while traveling or enjoying a picnic. You may also want to move the speaker from one corner of your home to another. So, buying a non-portable Bluetooth speaker is not recommended.

3. Battery Life

Bluetooth speakers come in both styles; with a rechargeable battery or without any battery. The speaker without a battery needs to be plugged in while playing. Such a speaker is good to use indoors. But, it is useless outdoor as you do not have a power outlet. Another disadvantage of this type is placement. You cannot place the speaker far from the power outlet.

While the Bluetooth speaker with a rechargeable battery is ideal. You can carry it anywhere and play for up to several hours. However, look for the battery timing. It ranges from 8 to 24 hours. The charging time also varies across different brands. It depends on your need that how long you want to play.

4. Bluetooth Version

All Bluetooth speakers do not feature the same Bluetooth version. There are Bluetooth V4.0, V4.1, V4.2, 5.0, and 5.1. The V4.2 version needs low energy technology, increases the playback time, and reduces the battery drainage. It also controls the intervention from other wireless devices which are in the 2.4 GHz band. So, this version improves the sound flow and performance.

However, the latest versions 5.0 and 5.1 are the most popular. They have a wider wireless range. They also ensure a reliable connection and smooth audio transmission minimizing the lag. For example, Bluetooth 5.0 can send signals within 800 feet. Its data transfer capacity is 8 times the V4.2 version.

Moreover, 5.0 combined with NFC technology allows pairing with multiple speakers. Some brands such as Sony can connect even up to 100 speakers. The 5.1 version is the most reliable and transfers data efficiently.

5. IP Rating

IP stands for Ingress Protection. An IP-rated product is water and dust-resistant. The IP number is denoted by a code. For example, the majority of Bluetooth speakers are IPX4 rated. The third digit represents the solid and shock resistance capacity of the device. The ‘X’ in third place shows that the product is not solid resistant. While the 4th digit represents water-resistance capacity.

The IPX4 rating means the speaker is only splashproof and the IPX7 rating means the speaker is waterproof. If you are buying a Bluetooth speaker for outdoor entertainment like pool parties or beach tours then you should consider the IP rating. However, for indoor use, IP rating is not very necessary.

6. Voice Control Feature

Modern Bluetooth speakers come with built-in Alexa. This allows you to perform various functions on your speaker by giving voice commands. Hence, you can play music, set alarms, make calls, and listen to news hands-free.

Another voice feature is built-in microphones. They help you in making and receiving conference calls. This is totally your choice whether you want this functionality or not.

7. Connectivity Options

A Bluetooth speaker may have other connections besides Bluetooth such as Wifi, Aux input, USB, and party connect. Wifi allows streaming music from various apps and services. Similarly, USB can be used to play music directly by a USB flash drive.

Many speakers have a USB port for charging the phone. They have an integrated power bank. They are smart choices when playing outdoor where you have no power to charge your phone.

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FAQs Regarding Bluetooth Speakers

Here, I will answer some of the frequently asked questions that may come to your mind regarding the Bluetooth speakers.

How many Watts and Hz a best Bluetooth speaker has?

Generally, the Bluetooth speakers giving 150-500 Watts perform excellent. While the frequency response should be between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It means that the speaker can handle all frequencies from low to high. So, it gives great listening experience.

Do Bluetooth speakers with higher Watts give better sound?

The audio quality improves with the increase of wattage. A speaker with higher Watts gives better, louder, and clearer sound. However, a small difference of wattage does not make a significant effect. The Watts should double to improve the sound noticeably.

Which speaker brand is used at concerts?

JBL is the most popular and widely used speaker brands at the concerts. This brand is owned by Samsung. It is specialized in producing the loudest and best sound. JBL also produces the best portable speakers. So, choosing a JBL speaker for your home theater is a good decision.

Final Words

So, you are now equipped with all the knowledge necessary for selecting the best Bluetooth speaker. You have read a detailed review of each popular Bluetooth speaker for under $500. I conduct a lot of research to select the number 1 product for you.

I do not hesitate to tell you the cons of each product so that you may choose the right product to meet your demands. Hopefully, this article will assist you in your search for the best Bluetooth speaker costing below $500.

Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me
Hi, I'm Memona Aman, Editor of I am naturally inclined towards modern technical gadgets. I love to research on speakers and soundbars. I write articles on this blog to share my latest knowledge. I am happy to assist you in your search for the best audio devices. Read more about me

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